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    NOTE: This page is dedicated to the late Hans Conried (1917-1982), who modeled and voiced this character.

    Captain Hook
    "There isn't a boy who won't enjoy a-working for Captain Hook! The world's most famous crook!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Vengeful Pirate
    Captain of Jolly Roger
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Hans Conried (1953)
    Corey Burton (1983–present)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Peter Pan

    Captain Hook is the main antagonist of Disney's animated feature film Peter Pan. He is an elegant, yet bloodthirsty pirate that commands The Jolly Roger, a brig docked on the shores of Neverland. He is a pirate captain of the Jolly Roger in Neverland who seeks revenge against Peter Pan for cutting off his hand and feeding it to a crocodile. He is also the boss of Mr. Smee and his pirate crew. He is Peter Pan's archenemy.

    Why is One Elegant Pirate?

    1. He is one of the most recognizable and popular villains in Disney's animated library.
    2. He's also the villain who can be intimidating without the use of magic powers or some sort and one of the few villains to survive at the end of their movie.
    3. He is a raucous, vengeful, cacophonous, manipulative, but sophisticated pirate.
    4. He also happens to be quite intelligent, as shown when he's able to trick any of his enemies and figure out the location of Peter Pan’s hideout.
    5. He's largely a comic villain, with his bluster and hamminess played for maximum laughter, but Hook is still the most feared and famous pirate in all the world for a reason.
    6. Hook's frustrations are understandable; he lost a hand to his opponent, is constantly pursued by the crocodile, and is unable to fly. These factors arguably make him one of the most sympathetic Disney villains.
    7. His antics with the crocodile are considered by many to be the funniest animated scenes ever created by Disney.
    8. He also seems to genuinely enjoy having Smee around. Contrary to most main antagonists, Hook sees Smee as a true friend, talking with and relaxing with his assistant, and does not often use fear and intimidation to bully him.
    9. He is a skilled swordsman, rivaled only by Peter Pan. He is light on his feet and stealthy, making him a dangerous adversary. The use of his hook during duels tends to give him an occasional upper hand, as well. Safe to say, he gave Peter a bit of a hard time in during the final battle, and manages to disarm him.
    10. While he's occasionally a butt-monkey, he's also a danger to anyone who's not Peter Pan or the Crocodile, he comes close to actually killing Pan several times, and he kills his own men without batting an eye.
    11. Hook is pretty slim with no visible muscle in his clothes; but he's the captain for a reason. Not only was he able to throw Gentleman Starkey over the ship, grabs and lift Mr. Smee with just his hook, but he can open the crocodile's jaws like it's nothing.
    12. Despite his backstabbing and treacherous nature, he claims that he will never break a promise, but will sometimes find loopholes, such as a promise he made to Tinker Bell about not laying a finger (or a hook) on Peter if they find his hideout. This has been proven to be true as instead of harming him himself, Hook leaves a bomb for Peter.
    13. He made appearances in the Kingdom Hearts video game series as a recurring villain residing in the world of Neverland, where he fights Sora and his party.
    14. He also appears in Jake and the Never Land Pirates as the main antagonist, where his main objective throughout the series is to collect as much treasure as possible, even if it means stealing it from someone else. To achieve this goal, Hook often uses one (or more) of his special hooks, created for treasure hunting.
    15. The performances given by Hans Conried and Corey Burton succeeded in making Captain Hook a hammy and threatening villain we know and love.

    “Blast Good Form!” Qualities

    1. He has a violent temper that can not only make him unpredictable, but also might lead to someone dying, usually on his side since his crew aren't the brightest.
    2. He lies, cheats, and back stabs others for his personal gain, and despite a few quirky mannerisms, he remains a loathsome and cruel person.
    3. Because he lost his hand to Tick Tock, he becomes fearful and cowardly whenever he hears the "tick-tock" sounds, since it always alerts him to the crocodile's presence.


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