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    Cameron Parks
    "Granny, you're embarrassing me in front of my...people I go to school with."
    Gender: Male
    Type: The Lovable, Friendly, Funny Big Brother
    Age: 16 (Season 1)
    17 (Season 2)
    18 (Season 3)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Carlon Jeffery
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: A.N.T. Farm
    First appearance: transplANTed
    Last appearance: Feature presANTation

    Cameron Oswald Parks is Chyna’s older, though shorter, brother. He tries to avoid Chyna and the other A.N.T.s due to their younger age and because he's afraid they will spill out his biggest secrets or ruin the little good reputation he has. He is jealous of how much taller she is than him, and she often towers over him to brag. Even though he's older, he spends a lot of time in her shadow. While she's a prodigy, he's not especially gifted at anything. However, he is determined to find something in which he excels (Besides being famous) when his video "Cameron Parks: Space Cadet" went viral, or maybe even movie-making). In season 3, he has an excellent talent as a filmmaker. He’s basically a clone of Trina Vega from Victorious, as well as possibly Spencer Shay from iCarly. Even so, compared to Trina, he was actually a likable and funny character.

    Why He Rocks

    1. For being a clone of Trina, and possibly Spencer, Cameron is actually everything that Trina should have been.
    2. Cameron is a likable character, being the loving and funny older brother to Chyna.
    3. He has some funny moments, like when he was pretending to be a leprechaun ghost, and when he dressed up as an old man.
    4. He’s the guy who’s trying to find his talent, and is usually hilarious whenever the talent he tries out ends up failing.
    5. He never gave up hope and eventually, he found his talent, being an excellent filmmaker.
    6. He’s a good friend to the group, especially to Fletcher and Angus, and he is always there for them.
    7. It’s also funny whenever he gets embarrassed by something or someone, like when Olive showed his baby blanket and covered him in glitter.
    8. He cares about his family very much and tries his best to make them proud.
    9. He’s a very good big brother to Chyna, and is always there for her, like when he defended her by becoming one of the few people to stand up to Lexi after she insults Chyna, and when he entered Gibson's dog show to get the prize money to buy Chyna a new ANT Pad to make up for breaking her old one.
    10. He is also a good dancer, as he can do the Robot and the Dougie, and other dances of hip-hop.
    11. He can also get backstage passes to any concert, which he can take his friends and family, showing he’s a very nice guy.
    12. He, along with the rest of his family, are considered the only likable characters throughout most of the show.
    13. He was a very popular character when the show was on back then, and even without a cult following, many viewers would see him as a good character.
    14. When he guest starred in season 3’s "feature presANTation", he got a slight character development like the rest of the cast, making him even better, if only slightly. He might have gotten the best growth out of all of the main cast, because he finally got his talent, being a filmmaker, and his sister and friends all worked together to help him make his film for film school, and it worked out great in the end.
    15. Carlon Jeffery did a good job playing as him.

    Bad Qualities

    1. While he’s still likable, he is a clone of Trina Vega. But at least he’s more likable than Trina.
      • He is also kind of a clone of Spencer Shay from iCarly, since they are both the older brother to the main protagonist (Carly and Chyna, respectively), and they both act a little childish.
    2. He can be unlikable sometimes.
    3. He is, unfortunately, the Butt-Monkey of the series, as he always gets abused and bullied by others, although not to the extent of Fletcher.
    4. He no longer becomes the main character in season 3. At least he had one last appearance during that season, as mentioned above.


    • His middle name starts with an O, which is ironic because his initials would be COP, which is his father's job.
    • He once did homework for a 1st grader for $5.
    • Chyna is taller than him, even if she's 4 years younger.


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