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    Camera (Battle For Isle Sleep)

    "To the Sky of Recovery!"

    Camera is a female contestant competing in Battle For Isle Sleep. She is a member of the Shining Lights.

    Why She Deserves To Go To The Sky (In A Good Way)

    1. The idea of a contestant as a flying camera is creative and interesting.
    2. Her present poses after the first five episode of Battle For Isle Sleep, or perhaps Battle For Isle Sleep Episode 6-present is passable and unique.
    3. She is kind, caring and competes at challenges well. One example is when she gets Lamp, Eggy, Brownie, Bowling Ball, Dodecahedron and Alarm Clock out of the water.
    4. Her interactions with the other competitors such as Dodecahedron, Carrot, Lemonade, etc. were good.
    5. She is one of the funniest Battle For Isle Sleep characters along with Computery who has a hilarious french accent.
    6. In Creating Comfort, although her friends didn't help her making the beds, she does it by herself.
    7. She is one of those likable and developed characters in an early Object Show such as Battle for Dream Island and Object Havoc.
    8. Her voice in Battle For Isle Sleep 6 was passable and fits for a female contestant.

    Bad Qualities

    1. Her voice in episodes 1-5 wasn't feminine, as her voice clearly sounds masculine, that's because Nicholas McConnell voice acted every Battle For Isle Sleep character except for Thread, Brownie and Nintendo.
    2. Her design in BFIS episodes 1-5 was choppy and isn't good enough.


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