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    Cala Maria
    Gender: Female
    Type: Lovely Mermaid
    Species: Mermaid
    Portrayed by: Denise Hatton
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: 'Cuphead'

    "You are a cutie...I am not sure if I should catch and release!" —Cala Maria, Phase 1 Death Screen

    Cala Maria is one of the bosses on Inkwell Isle Three on the boss level, "High Seas Hi-Jinx!" in the 1930s stylized, indie game Cuphead. Despite being a boss, Cala Maria is not evil, she is just trying to protect her soul and is more of an antagonistic heroine than a real threat.

    Why She Rocks

    1. Cala Maria has a incredibly solid design with a dead squid haircut and a round fishtail that is obscured by water.
    2. She is notably flirty, as suggested when she says "you-hoo!" to Cuphead and Mugman when they first encounter her during the battle.
    3. Compared to most of the bosses in the game, she is notably less arrogant, as implied by her first death message if the brothers are killed by her. Being a mermaid, it is not surprising that she shares a mutual relationship with sea life, as she uses them as her minions to assist her in battle.
    4. Her attack pattern (during the first phase of the battle) is more unpredictable compared to previous bosses, such as attacks summoning many sea creatures to her aid.
    5. Once defeated, Cala Maria will turn away, saddened by her lost while one of the snakes in her hair will play a sorrowful tune on a violin, she will also sign her respective soul contract as a result; this is both tragic and hilarious.
    6. Her adorable, semi-canon relationship with Mugman.
    7. Her high-pitched voice, laughs, and grunts are voiced by little-known actress, Denise Hatton.
    8. The setting of her fight is similar to the Silly Symphony, King Neptune. In the short, a mermaid is held hostage by pirates and the sea creatures, along with Neptune himself and the other mermaids, try and save her. In her fight, she’s a mermaid who is trying to defend her contract and soul from Cuphead and Mugman.

    The Only Bad Quality

    1. Even though she looks like an adolescent, her voice is high-pitched and irritating; though, this may be intentional as it's a staple of early cartoons.


    • "Yoo-hoo!" is a commonly used cliche in old cartoons in which an attractive woman uses that phrase to flirtingly call out to a man who is interested in her. This line was also made famous by Minnie Mouse.


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