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    Caine (The Amazing Digital Circus)

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    "Welcome to the Amazing Digital Circus! My name is Caine, I'm your ringmaster, and I'm here to show you the most jaw-dropping, heart-stopping, mind-bending paraphernalia you've ever laid your eyes upon!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Wacky & Hilarious Ringmaster
    Age: Unknown
    Species: AI
    Portrayed by: Alex Rochon
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The Amazing Digital Circus

    "We stay right here! Where I can keep my hundreds of ALL-seeing eyes on you!"

    Caine to Pomni.

    Creative Artificial Intelligence Networking Entity, also known as Caine, is the main antagonist of the YouTube web-series The Amazing Digital Circus. An reality-warping ringmaster of the circus "The Amazing Digital Circus" and tends to set the main cast of characters onto several adventures that they go on, as well as being the one to (albeit unintentionally) cause most of the problems the members face in each adventure Caine throws them into. He is shown to be a generally well-meaning individual who is unaware of how much harm his realm is causing to his "performers".

    He is voiced by Alex Rochon.

    Why He Rocks

    1. Despite being the main antagonist, he is so smooth-talking and charming that it's so easy to like him. Especially since his cheery behavior is the embodiment of the "lovable game show host" in his outward persona as a fun-loving ringmaster who's typically kind and thoughtful to people.
    2. He is really expressive and quirky by behavior and thought as a person and as a ringmaster (especially when he makes overdramatic gestures and mood swings in each sentence he makes with varied silly cartoon sound effects being heard), which makes him so eccentric, wild, and enthusiastic that he creates plenty of humorous, witty and overall very hilarious scenes throughout each episode to list, such as him yelling at Bubble and poking him for eating a cake he was gonna give to Pomni,
    3. Outside the act and for how crazy he is, he can also be quite helpful, as he often kept Pomni safe from the void he deems as dangerous and risk-taking.
    4. He is morally sound, especially since he can go self-aware and teaches Pomni how bad the internet can be (e.g. Rule 34), and how he expressed genuine concern and worry by breaking the fourth wall to rip on about content farms and show awareness of the dangers of shippers to be found in the real-life fanbase towards The Amazing Digital Circus.
    5. Alex Rochon does a fantastic job at voicing him, giving him a charismatic, exuberant, jovial, hammy and often lively tone of voice that chews up the scenery.
    6. His design stands out as the most odd and creatively bizarre out of all of them, especially since he has hovering eyes and his head being an actual upper and lower teeth dentures (with a tongue hidden) despite having a normal ringmaster outfit.
    7. He (alongside Kinger and Jax) provides several fun and memorable quotes to listen to in all of his appearances. Such examples include:
      • “DAHH!! Let's get outta here before the moon gets frisky!
      • “Why are you like this?”
      • “YOU PARASITE!!”
      • “Don't worry Zooble! I'll make it something unintrusive that you can still choose to not get involved with!”
      • “Kaufmo extracted? Why didn't anybody tell me?”
      • “Your little crying face left quite the little crying mark on the internet! *Looks at us* Something I don't canonically have any knowledge of, take a look!”
      • “The consequences of our actions, and it's only gonna get worse from here.”
      • “Speaking of dialogue, there will be all sorts of new dialogue from many of our new colorful characters! ... With this many new characters, imagine all the violent shipping wars that we'll become completely powerless to do ANYTHING ABOUT!?

    Bad Qualities

    1. He can show a oddly delusional side at times, like when he told Pomni to not go in the void since he "knows" what's out there (it's not helping that he tried to convince Pomni to stay despite the fact she wanted to leave from a virtual reality world).
    2. He can also seem like a secretive control freak, especially when he told Pomni how many eyes will be spying on her, and he also kept it secret that there was an exit Pomni saw and gaslighted her and the cast that the exit wasn't created yet, which made it seem like a flimsy excuse, and can make Caine be seen as a psychopath for that reason.
    3. He can be demented at times, especially in the second episode when upon seeing Gummigoo with Pomni, he quickly snapped him away and killed him off before explaining to Pomni (while understandably agitated and worried) that while he understands that everyone loves the NPCs he creates, he doesn't want to end up mixing them up with the actual members, before ominously saying "who knows what could happen?" possibly implying that he has done this exact thing before by accident.



    • Series creator Gooseworx has said that Caine was directly inspired by "AM" from "I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream", with them both being sentient AIs who trap human souls in their realm where they live eternally and can't die. Unlike AM however, who is a malicious system torturing souls out of spite, Caine is a genuinely well-meaning AI who genuinely has no idea of the harm he was causing.
      • In addition, Caine is also partially inspired by Four (BFB), personality wise. As they are both crazy, menacing, have supernatural powers, and also belittles their assistants (in this case, Bubble). Just like Four, Caine also likes to assign some challenges (or as Caine calls it "adventures") for the main characters.


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