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    C-3PO is a major character in the Star Wars franchise. He is a golden protocol droid who appears in eleven out of the twelve Star Wars films, and is often seen with R2-D2.

    Why He Rocks

    1. He's notable for being of the only characters in appear in every theatrical Star Wars film (except Solo: A Star Wars Story). As a result, he and R2-D2 found himself directly involved in more pivotal moments of galactic history than any of the human characters, and aided in saving the galaxy on many occasions. Including was a witness of the First Battle of Geonosis, ending hostilities between the Pantorans and Talz, the destruction of the Death Star, Emperor Palpatine's (apparent) downfall, the Battle of the First Order, etc.)
    2. Anthony Daniels suited him perfectly. (no pun intended)
    3. His hilarious bickering with R2-D2.
    4. Despite his oblivious nature, he's shown that he can be fairly smart when he needs to be. In A New Hope, he pretends to have authority and escapes being captured by Stormtroopers by asking politely to leave. And in Return of the Jedi, he pulls "Look, a Distraction! so the Ewoks can mount an ambush.
      1. He's also fluent in over six million forms of communication.
    5. He is always loyal to his owners, and he's had the honor of being able to serve at least one Skywalker of each generation. (Anakin, Luke
    6. He was rather polite and quirky toward his companions, especially R2-D2.
    7. He is an expert in piloting tons of flying crafts.
    8. He's capable of handling quite a lot of pain. Back in Attack of the Clones, he gets his head callously knocked off and accidentally hardwired onto a battle droid's body, but this has no adverse effect on his hardware in the long run, and R2 is able to remove and rewire his head back to his normal body with a simple tool on hand. Back in The Clone Wars, he gets hit by a fast-moving tram without getting smashed to pieces. In The Empire Strikes Back, he gets blown to pieces by a laser blast, only to be assembled back together no worse for wear with no real tools on hand.
    9. He is one of THE most iconic movie robots ever made.

    Bad Qualities

    1. The fact that Anakin built him doesn't make much sense. What's worse is that, in A New Hope, Obi-Wan wasn't familiar with droids, and didn't even recognize him.
    2. He can be very annoying at times with how talkative and whiny in The Empire Strikes Back.


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