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    Butt-ler (Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures)

    Butt-ler (Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures)
    "Bravely roasted, sir", to Betrayus in "The Great Chase!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Sympathetic Servant
    Age: Immortal
    Species: Ghost
    Pac-Worlder (before he was banished)
    Portrayed by: Brian Drummond
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: mh:terribletvshows:Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures

    "Yes. How thoughtless I was to let him swallow me and spit out my eyeballs... I'd hope to hunch around, just long enough to watch Spheria. Torch, your, tiny, tush! (wheeze) (chuckle)" - Butt-ler to Betrayus in "Pac-Pong Fever".

    Butt-ler is Betrayus' long-suffering personal servant and butler, and the twin brother of Dr. Buttocks. He is one of the main villains in Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures and an on-and-off antagonist that is usually loyal to Lord Betrayus, even when Betrayus constantly forces him to do much of everything. He is a purple-gray ghost with a butt-shaped head, topped with a dapper black hat. He is also the twin brother of Dr. Buttocks, and the two have a sibling rivalry, as they both despise each other.

    He was voiced by Brian Drummond.

    Why He's Not Some "Worthless Nobody"

    1. He started off as a deadpan and emotionless servant to Betrayus, but he becomes much more comedic and sympathetic as the show progresses.
    2. Unlike Lord Betayus, he is actually a well-written, likable comic-relief character. As he tends to provide good one-liners and tons of intelligent moments (which makes him the only character in the show who doesn't spout out overly cheesy or childish dialogue compared to many characters like Pac-Man's 2013 counterpart, Skeebo, and Betrayus combined). This makes him out to be the most underrated character in the entire show.
    3. Much like another humorous butler, his level of sarcasm, comebacks, and brutal honesty are actually very hilarious and witty, which makes him the most enjoyably sarcastic and snarky character in the show.
    4. Where most of the characters in the show are very one-dimensional, Butt-ler manages to be the least one-dimensional of them all due to how humorous and likable he is. As his unlucky nature can be both, pretty funny and humanizing as seen in "Pac to the Future" and "Spooka-Bazooka!".
    5. All of his character designs are very cool-looking and appealing, as his appearance fits very well with his deadpan and serious-minded personality. As well as his name is meaningful in a little childish yet clever way.
    6. Even though he's a ghostly servant, he is extremely sympathetic, even more than Betrayus himself. While Butt-ler is the show's biggest Butt-Monkey and Betrayus is just an ineffectual scoundrel, Butt-ler actually has a kind side to his personality whenever he's not being scapegoated by anyone or working for Betrayus, which shows that he's not a mean or unlikable person whatsoever. As he's genuinely polite to everyone, due to being a butler. Pac-Man took the time to talk to him when he tests out his brother's inventions on the field.
      • There were times when he gets his revenge on Betrayus for being obnoxious and cruel, which is very satisfying to watch. As he tends to poke fun at Betrayus for his childishness and idiocy, as well as getting back at him for how much he mistreats Butt-ler; the best example being "Mission ImPacable!", where Pac-Man belches the device he was being controlled by that lands on Betrayus' head and Butt-ler holds onto the device that can move Betrayus (somehow). All of this shows that Butt-ler has a sense of class and wit to him despite being luckless and hard-working.
      • He also tends to get payback from Dr. Buttocks, his twin brother who tends to act like a comedically arrogant smart-aleck who instigates fights and egotistic remarks to the point Butt-ler gives him what's coming to him, which again, is very satisfying to watch. Especially in the episode "Jurassic Pac".
    7. While he does serve as the (literal) butt of the jokes in the series, one who nobody seems to think of that much, there are some episodes when he does end up getting even with Betrayus, like "Mission ImPacable!", "Indiana Pac and the Temple of Slime", and "All You Can Eat" for example.
    8. Despite this dedicated loyalty towards Betrayus, he sometimes teams up with Pac-Man on occasion.
    9. Brian Drummond does a great job voicing him, as it is very charming and elegant to listen to, with moments of goofy yells that make him sound incredibly hilarious (ex. "Pac to the Future").
    10. He has provided a ton of enjoyable and nice quotes, as discussed above, many of these include:
      • "Interesting, turn, of events" (eg. "Mission ImPacable!")
      • "You do that anyway my lord, so why not enjoy the moment?" (eg. "Mission ImPacable!")
      • "It staggers the imagination" (eg. "The Great Chase!")
      • "Lord Betrayus calling his mummy Mrs. Spheros. They have appeared to have, hung, up." (eg. "The Great Chase!")
      • "No footsies for the pedals sir" (eg. "The Great Chase!")
      • "Oh hi, I am sir! I'm enjoying the ride" (eg. "The Great Chase!")
      • "It means 'besides humiliating me with it'." (eg. "Spooka-Bazooka!")
      • "I assure you that threat from your, monitor screen (chuckles), is indeed gone." (eg. "The Legend of Creepy Hollow")
      • "A word of advice: do not wrestle fireballs without, protective gear." (eg. "Jinxed")
      • "Consider it my, wedding, gift." (eg. "Jinxed")
      • "This, is the best Halloween of my afterlife!" (eg. "Jurassic Pac")
      • "Oh look! He tried to draw a pony."
      • "Oh, for joy, now he's the ruler of a bunch of smelly fish." (eg. "PacLantis")
      • "Of course it is." (eg. " Is Zit You Or Is Zit Me?")
      • "Ohoho quite perceptive, brother dumb!" (eg. "The Wizard of Odd")
      • "Doh! One little mistake I've been paying for all my life. Deh! And the afterlife." (eg. "Pac of the Future")
      • "Heh, doubtful, unless he likes his ghosts, extra crispy." (eg. "Invasion of the Pointy Heads")
      • "Yeah! Pac-Man and his pals, are just, regular, groovy guys! Daddyum!!" (eg. "Nerd is the Word")

    Bad Qualities

    1. His rivalry with Dr. Buttocks can get stale sometimes.
    2. His name, while creative and clever, is a little childish. Sounding familiar?
    3. Sometimes his dialogue can be so low, that it can be hard what he actually said when there's loud music playing over his gloomy voice in an episode. (ex. Him saying "Most assuredly, your "braveness"" in the episode "The Great Chase!")
    4. Much like many Butt-Monkey characters in fiction, his mistreatment by the ghosts and his bad luck can often go too far, to the point where you feel really bad for him.
    5. He is sometimes prone to being involved in some childish scenes due to the show's overuse of immature comedy (i.e. occasional fart jokes).
    6. While lovable and sympathetic in the show, he isn't given enough screen time in the PCatGA games. As he only appeared in the opening cutscenes for the first game, and then made a minor appearance in the second game's in-game cutscene of Betrayus being defeated.


    • During the Pac-War he was known as Corporal Hineyhead, a spy for Betrayus.
    • He and his twin brother hate each other, but in "Seems Like Old Times", they team up to suck Betrayus' mind, as they both hate him.
    • According to Butt-ler, his mother hated both Butt-ler and Buttocks but apparently she hated Buttocks even more.
    • In "The Pac Be With You", he is shown to be a Pac Fu expert, he clobbers both his brother and Betrayus.


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