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    Buddy the Elf is the main protagonist of the 2003 Jon Favreau Christmas comedy film Elf. He was portrayed by Will Ferrell.

    Why He Spreads Christmas Cheer

    1. Buddy likes seeing on the bright side and helps people celebrate Christmas.
    2. Will Ferrell did an amazing job playing Buddy and is one of his most memorable roles.
    3. He had a lot of memorable quotes including “Buddy the Elf, what’s your favorite color?”, “Son of a Nutcracker!”, “What’s a Christmasgram? I want one!” and “He’s an angry elf.”
    4. He had a healthy relationship with Jovie and they eventually become parents.
    5. His costume design is iconic and is reminiscent of 1960s Rankin-Bass Christmas specials.
    6. Buddy learns from his mistakes quite well and tries his best to spread Christmas cheer.
    7. He is very good at snowball fights and is able to throw dozens of snowballs at boys. In a deleted scene, he is also good at ice hockey.

    Bad Qualities

    1. He got into a fight with a mall Santa simply because he’s not the real Santa Claus. Luckily, Buddy learned from his mistakes.
    2. Since he’s a human raised by elves, he had a hard time being so tall.
    3. He gets drunk while sorting the mail even though he thought it was syrup and coffee.
    4. He initially lacked some social skills. He was by the women’s room and saw Jovie. He also gave his dad a bra.


    • Many of his quotes became Internet memes.
    • Maurice LaMarche provided the vocal effects for his burp after Buddy ate spaghetti with syrup and soda.


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