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    Bubbles (Angry Birds)

    Bubbles Birb.png
    "Bloob Bloob!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Candy-Obsessed Inflatable Bird
    Species: Jamaican Oriole
    Portrayed by: Antti LJ Pääkkönen (Angry Birds Toons)
    Ian Hecox (The Angry Birds Movie)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Angry Birds

    Not to be confused from The Powerpuff Girl with the same name

    Bubbles (known as the Orange Bird) is a character of the Angry Birds series. He's an orange jamaican oriole who debuts in the Ham'o'ween portion of Angry Birds Seasons. After this, he has later appeared in other games, including Classic and Rio.

    Why He's Sweet

    1. Unlike most of the birds, he's a rather happy-go-lucky and optimistic kid.
    2. His huge love for candy can actually be relatable to kids who would eat dessert before lunch.
    3. His design is pretty cute, just like the Blues.
    4. His Angry Birds Transformers description states that his love of candy extends to all things sweet.
    5. Unlike most kids his age, he's very brave and courageous, even facing of against Porcula, the werepigs and zombie pigs.
    6. His ability to puff up is really effective against wood, just like Chuck's ability.
      • It is also strong as well.
    7. His trick-or-treating hobby is quite endearing.
    8. Like Red and Chuck or Bomb and Matilda, he and Hal are great friends as shown in the movie.
    9. Antti LJ Pääkkönen and Ian Hecox does great at performing his voice, despite the latter having flaws.
    10. He became popular enough to appear in other games, with his debut in the main series being in Birdday Party, along with Stella.

    Bitter/Angry Qualities

    1. Whenever he appears in Angry Birds Toons, it's only on Halloween specials.
    2. He can be a little mischievous at times, especially in the Trick or Tweet trailer.
    3. His movie counterpart is a bit contradictory: He shows no affection for candy and is older than Jay, Jake and Jim, being present before they are born. He's also said to be very wild and reckless there and doesn't have much screen-time. To make matters worse, he appears even less in the second movie.
      • On top of that, while Ian Hecox does give a great voice performance, his voice sounds nothing like in the TV show.


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