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    Brock Boi.png
    "Gotta pack some snacks!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Likable Roommate
    Species: Lego
    Portrayed by: H. Michael Croner
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Unikitty!

    Brock is one of the two tetartagonists (alongside Master Frown) and the secondary antagonist of Unikitty!. He is Master Frown's best friend and roommate, and also Master Frown's right-hand man.

    Why He Rocks

    1. He has an overall decent character design.
    2. H. Michael Croner did a good job voicing him.
    3. He has some good intentions with Master Frown (although, Frown's very unlikable in most cases), and he also had good intentions with Unikitty and her gang unlike Master Frown.
    4. During "Best Best Friends", it was shown that both he and Master Frown are actually best friends.
    5. He had a good start and introduction debut in "No Day Like Snow Day".
    6. He despises the outdated "yo mama" jokes about his mom to the point of inflicting retribution onto those who disrespect his mom, which is satisfying and interesting to see ever since someone from a completely different show but has the same issue, usually has to tolerate his friend's stupid jokes.
      • He even gets defensive about his mother when Master Frown makes a remark like this.
    7. He's so laid back and good-natured that it's hard to call him evil or even a jerk at all.
    8. There are some moments where he can be sympathetic, likely when his reputation in the Best Best Friends competition being ruined by Master Frown, with the latter apologizing him.
    9. Although he's much more open with others than Master Frown, since the two of them are roommates, Brock often deals with him more often over doing chores and the state of their apartment, which causes them to make arguments a lot of times. He is also apathetic to Master Frown's evil plans and doesn't seem to help him very much, preferring to hang out with Unikitty and her friends instead.

    Bad Qualities

    1. He was mostly lazy in some cases.
    2. He had turned fat in that one episode, "Unikitty and the Ice Pop Factory".
    3. Even though he was receiving the blame whenever Master Frown wrecks parties in the episode "Brock Most Wanted", he becomes quite depressed over Unikitty expressing disappointment in him. Thankfully, it also leads to the Doom Lords giving him a big promotion for his supposed actions.


    • It's possible for Brock to be considered gay as he and Master Frown seem a little too close to actually be considered just "roommates". They act like an old married couple, they both share a single bed, and romantically hug each other on occasion. Additionally, Brock doesn't seem to show any interest in girls.


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