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    Brittany Miller (2009-2015)

    Brittany Miller (2009-2015)
    "Oh, don't... don't worry, Alvin. I'm sure Dave will come. I mean he certainly loves Simon and Theodore."
    Gender: Female
    Type: Kinder and Sweeter Chipmunk/Chipette
    Age: 2 (The Squeakquel)
    4 (Chipwrecked)
    8 (The Road Chip)
    Species: Chipmunk
    Portrayed by: Christina Applegate
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel

    Brittany the Chipette or simply Brittany is the lead singer and leader of The Chipettes, the sister of Jeanette and Eleanor, the female counterpart and love interest of Alvin, and one of the major characters of the Alvin and the Chipmunks franchise. In the live-action films, she appears in the second through fourth films, where she's a deuteragonist in The Squeakquel and Chipwrecked, and a minor supporting character in The Road Chip.

    Compared to her normal counterpart, this version of Brittany is actually likable, which is also surprising, considering this version of her is from the lackluster live-action films, being one of the only likable characters along with her sisters, the Chipmunks, Claire Wilson, Ian Hawke, Dr. Rubin, Julie Ortega, Miles and Ashley Grey.

    Why She Is a Kinder and Sweeter Chipette

    1. This version of Brittany is a lot more mature, kind, sweet, helpful, lovable and less annoying than her old counterpart.
    2. She is very friendly and courteous to those around her, especially her loved ones.
    3. She loves her sisters very much and is always there for them when they need her, such as when she stood up for them against Ian in the second film.
    4. She also cares about Dave and the Chipmunks, especially Alvin.
    5. Christina Applegate does a very solid job voicing her.
      • Her singing voice by Janice Karman is still pretty good.
    6. Her re-design is very gorgeous and beautiful, and her animation movements are decent, which is impressive from Rhythm and Hues Studios.
      • In fact, the fourth film is where her re-design and her animation movements got a major improvement, looking much more gorgeous and beautiful, while also staying a little truer to her original cartoon design with more fluid movements. This is because it was done by Weta Digital, since Rhythm and Hues Studios went bankrupt in 2013 prior to making this film.
    7. She doesn’t have too much mean moments, having more control over her temper, and when she normally does, they are understandable, like dealing with Alvin's troublemaking behavior.
    8. She goes through decent character development in the second film, becoming nicer, helping her sisters, escaping Ian, and befriending the Chipmunks, especially Alvin.
    9. She has some cute moments, some with her sisters and Alvin.
    10. Her relationship with Alvin is very cute, having a nice love-hate relationship that is much better than their original counterparts.
      • She helps Alvin realize he was a jerk to his family in the second film, and that helps him change.
      • Her scenes with him in the third film are very cute. And it's also where they have more chemistry, as they help each other out with surviving on the island, having fun with each other, and she even comforts him when he was worried that Dave wouldn't be coming for them. She was relieved and happy when Dave and Alvin reconciled and hugged.
      • She helps him and his brothers in the fourth film, by joining them to sing an apology song to Dave with her sisters, helping them make up for their mistakes, and made Dave realize how terrible of a father he was to them.
    11. She is selfless and does some good things, such as saving her school's music department by winning the music contest, and by singing "Home" with her sisters and the Chipmunks to help Alvin, Simon and Theodore make up with Dave for their mistakes.
    12. She has some good jokes and funny moments.
    13. She has some memorable and heart-warming moments with her loved ones, such as singing "Home" with her sisters and the Chipmunks to Dave in the fourth film.
    14. The franchise would still not be the same without her.
    15. Weta Digital and Rhythm and Hues Studios did a good job animating her.
    16. While still having a few annoying moments, she is nowhere near as unlikeable as both her original 1980s version and her 2015 version.
    17. The sweetest thing she said in the third film when comforting Alvin:
      • "Oh, don't... don't worry, Alvin. I'm sure Dave will come. I mean he certainly loves Simon and Theodore."

    Bad Qualities

    1. Despite her redemption, she still has a few annoying moments, though definitely not as much as her original 1980s version.
    2. In the second film, she didn't have too much chemistry with Alvin, which was thankfully improved in the third and fourth films.
    3. She was barely in the fourth film (along with her sisters) as she only appears in the opening scene (which reveals she and her sisters are moving out to be judges for American Idol), somewhere in the middle (only for a few seconds), and in the third act where she, her sisters and the Chipmunks sing "Home"; she was pretty much wasted in this movie.
    4. She was relatively flanderized in the 2015 reboot and reverts back to acting like her original 1980s version.
    5. The mean-spirited thing that she said in the third film when they got stranded on the island: "Good, 'cause now... I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!"


    • She doesn't have her original last name, Miller, like her cartoon counterpart does, though this is mainly because Ms. Miller is not in the live-action films, and Dave was only her legal guardian.



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