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    Brian (The Magic Roundabout)

    Brian (Original Series) Profile Image.png
    "Snails are under estimated."
    Gender: Male
    Type: Happy-go-lucky Hyper Snail
    Species: Snail
    Portrayed by: Jim Broadbent (2005 film; UK)
    William H. Macey (US redub)
    David Holt (2007 revival series)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The Magic Roundabout

    Brian (Ambroise in French) is one of the main characters from The Magic Roundabout. He is a hyperactive and very optimistic snail who lives with Dougal and his friends in the Enchanted Gardens.

    Why He Rocks

    1. He is very cheerful, hyper and happy-go-lucky, regardless of the insults that Dougal throws at him.
    2. His character design is quite remarkable and adorable, particularly when it was modified for the 2005 CGI film and the 2007 revival series.
    3. Like Florence, he is quite helpful to other people in situations in the original series and the revival series.
      • In "Piano Moving", he helps Dougal to load his piano onto Train's van.
      • In "Paperchase Mystery", Ermintrude has torn the pictures off the tree thinking they were litter, until she realises her mistake when Florence informs her that it was a fun event set up by Basil and Coral where they would have to follow the pictures to them so they can have a picnic with them. But after Dougal managed to get them back, nobody has a idea of which piece of paper goes on which tree, until Brian points out that by matching the exact torn pieces of the paper to a particular tree where the missing piece is nailed to, they would be able to find their way to Basil and Coral.
    4. He gets along fine with Dougal at times where the two have a vitriolic friendship.
    5. He has some funny moments in the original and the revival series.
    6. Actor Jim Broadbent did a superb job voicing the character in the 2005 film.
      • In the 2007 revival series, David Holt (who also voices Dougal) did an amazing job voicing him.
    7. Although he has a crush on Ermintrude and is shy to confess his love for her in the 2005 film, Brian doesn't hesitate to save her from Zeebad when she is rescuing Dougal from Zeebad's lair.
    8. He was brave enough to go back into the collapsing factory to retrieve Zebedee's magic mustache when led to Dougal and his friends to believe that he was crushed by the collapsing factory. To Dougal and everyone's relief, Brian came back alive and well with Zebedee's mustache.
      • In the 2005 film, he slithered into the temple first while unknowingly setting off the booby traps and made it through completely unharmed, even when a rock from above nearly crushed him.
    9. He is forgiving at times. Such as when he comes back alive and seeing a tearful Buxton apologising to Dougal and the gang and begging for forgiveness, Brian convinces the gang to forgive him.
    10. He is also quite clever, particularly in the 2007 revival series when he became a bit of a brainaic where he helps many people with knowledge that they don't know of.

    Bad Qualities

    1. He got flanderized in the American version of the 2005 film where he expresses his crush on Ermintrude in a creepy way.
    2. At times in the 2007 revival series, he can be annoying to Dougal when it comes to showing off his gravel collections much to the dog's chagrin.


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