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    Is he a "Sore Loser"? No.

    Brainy is a contestant and winner from the object show "Object Cringe".

    Why He's Not Such A Sore Loser After All

    1. He and Note seem to be the most likable characters in Object Cringe due to the fact that they have highly noticeable and likable characteristics.
    2. He is pretty intelligent, in fact, he is the most intelligent of his team and the show.
    3. He is good at building as he was able to build a machine for Fidget Spinner.
    4. His quote "Sound doesn't even travel in space" is pretty accurate since sound doesn't actually travel through space.
    5. He was able to spell "elephant" right in episode 7.
    6. Brainy actually turned a TV into a teleporter in episode 10.
    7. Scar Brainy (Brainy's other version) is also quite good because;
      1. He made Planky smart from episodes 7-15.
      2. He saved Gluey from the glitching world.
    8. He explained to the viewers that he wasn't Scar Brainy in episode 18.
    9. He helped Planky give the chance to make new friends.
    10. He is famously known for his nickname "Sore Loser".
    11. He won Object Cringe as a rejoiner, which is surprising since most rejoiners in object shows cannot win.
    12. He was very likable in episode 20 for these reasons;
      1. He was able to finish a lot of challenges quite fast, resulting him to win.
      2. He knows what 2 + 2 equals.
      3. When he got angry, that actually was quite funny.
      4. The scene where Brainy talks to Planky about why he was being "evil" in a sad tone was very emotional.
      5. He did apologize to everyone for turning them into inanimate objects.

    Bad Qualities

    1. He was treated quite badly towards the rest of the characters, which explains why he was being mistreated.
      1. This only happened because Brainy got a question wrong, Good called him a sore loser and that caused everyone to make fun of him.
    2. He actually did something quite cruel, he turned everyone (except for Planky for being his only friend and Note since she isn't really an object) into inanimate objects, which could be the worst thing Brainy has done, at least he apologized to everyone about his behavior.
    3. While his nickname is okay, his nickname is pretty mean-spirited.
    4. He usually gets the punching bag treatment, only because he got one question wrong, thus he had that treatment ever since.


    • Brainy is the only object show rejoiner to win a show.
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