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    Bowser Junior (SuperMarioLogan, pre-late-2019)

    Bowser Junior (SML)
    "So guys what do you wanna do today?"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Catalytically Stupid but Funny plush version of Bowser Jr.
    Age: 15
    Species: Koopa
    Portrayed by: Logan Thirtyacre
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: SuperMarioLogan

    Bowser Junior (also known as Junior) is one of the main characters from the puppet web series SuperMarioLogan, he is highly known for his role in the "Junior" era, the era where there are many videos based on him. He is voiced by the series' creator Logan Thirtyacre.

    Why He Didn't Deserve to be Grounded

    1. When he first spoke in "Bowser Junior's Macaroni", he seems to speak loads of words, unlike other young kids, who rarely speak due to not knowing a lot of words.
    2. His over-the-top bratty attitude, delusional nature, trouble-making tendencies, and warped understanding of the world are somewhat funny in a manner similar to a less extreme embodiment of Eric Cartman.
    3. His appearance looks cute.
    4. His relationship with Chef Pee Pee is pretty funny since it's like a SpongeBob and Squidward type of relationship where the straight-man (that being Chef Pee Pee) puts up with the ridiculous antics of the wise guy (that being Junior).
    5. He has a bunch of likable and entertaining videos related to him, like "Bowser Junior Goes to Disney World" and "Bowser Junior's Summer Vacation".
    6. Logan does a decent job voicing him.
    7. In 2015, he started to become smarter but can still be very stupid at times.
    8. In late 2016 or early 2017, he isn't as bratty as he was anymore, slowly improving himself to get more fans (or to earn them back).
    9. He gets along well with some characters, mainly his friends, Joseph and Cody.
    10. Even if he gets tortured in an episode, his fans will root and side with him, despite this character often getting his comeuppances for his dumb mistakes.
    11. He has made some good songs, like "Toys R Us", "I Love Corn Dogs" and "Thomas Come Back".

    Bad Qualities

    1. Even though he had some serious character development, his bratty or thoughtless attitude can still be very annoying and obnoxious.
    2. Unfortunately, he got flanderized after late 2019, as he became much more idiotic, demanding, sadistic and cruel, even more than before to the point of being completely insufferable (mainly towards Cody and Chef Pee Pee).
      • Even before his flanderization, he can be unlikable in some episodes, like "Bowser Junior's Package"; where he antagonizes others over hasty and harebrained assumptions of everyone being responsible for stealing what Junior ordered, to the point where it's obnoxious.
      • He was also unlikeable in "April Fools" where him and Toad tortured Chef Pee Pee, mocking his mom and Caused Chef Pee Pee to drink poison
    3. Some of his recurring jokes can be quite annoying, stupid, and utterly witless:
      • One of the worst examples is his endless, recurring jokes with Junior continually thinking that the sun is a planet, even though it's a star. Even when he's proved wrong, he forces his opinions about it onto other people who understandably disagree with him.
      • He has a mean-spirited and unnecessary recurring joke where he often takes stabs at Big Hero 6 for no reason, which is only done all because Logan Thirtyacre has a biased hatred towards that movie in particular.
      • He regularly makes derogatory insults towards Cody's mom, endlessly calling her a cow or a pig for how "fat" Junior thinks she is, which started to get old and repetitive at this point.
    4. He is often rude and selfish to his friends, a frequent example would be him making fun of Cody's mom and making jokes about her weight. Such as calling her a "cow", "pig", "whale", etc. He also mistreats Cody because the latter trying to reason with Junior, making Junior painfully delusional at times.
    5. Even though he is called "Bowser Junior" in a thumbnail from a video related to him, he is called "Junior" in the episode itself, which could make some confusion.
    6. He is one of the overused characters in the series before Jeffy was introduced, which is one of the main reasons the 2013-2015 videos are referred to as the "Junior Era".


    • He has the second-highest number of deaths in SuperMarioLogan, only to be beaten by Toad.
    • Despite his huge number of deaths, he seemed to have a kill count over 20, making him, Does Bad Things Guy and Patrick the only three characters to murder over 20 people.
    • He is the main character of the 2013-15 phase of the channel (Known as the "Junior Era"), any video with Junior in the title. and the series "Bowser Junior's Summer School".
    • Similar to his dad who likes "Charleyyy and Friends", he liked a TV show as well. His show was called "Doofy the Dragon". It is no longer featured in SML due to its dark humor involving the main character committing suicide each episode, leading to video deletions/demonetizations.
    • Junior is based on Logan's half-sister, Haleigh Grant, as the two of them are both bratty people. Haleigh is supposedly even worse than Junior.
    • In 2021, he, along with every other Mario character, has been permanently turned into SML human puppets that don't resemble the games due to legal issues with Nintendo.


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