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    Book (BFDIA, IDFB & TPOT)

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    Tpot Book.png
    "I'm a dictionary and you better believe it!"
    Gender: Female
    Type: Friendly Nice Book
    Species: Hardcover Book
    Status: Alive
    Series: Battle for Dream Island

    Book is one of the many contestants from the web series "Battle for Dream Island". She debuted in season 2 and competed in later seasons onwards.

    Why She Rocks

    Battle for Dream Island Again & IDFB

    1. She's a very nice, intelligent and caring character who gets along with most of the characters, even the hosts.
    2. Her relationship with Ice Cube is mostly positive, as she would act motherly towards Ice Cube.
    3. She is cute because of the voice and her simple design.
    4. She was able to save Pencil's life in IDFB 1 when she fell off the Yoyle Needy.
    5. She learned about the fact that Pencil and Match started to become negative towards her, so she left that toxic alliance.

    Battle for B.F.D.I (Episodes 1-2, 14-16)

    1. She is a good team picker, since she chose Dora for her surprisingly good communication, causing Book to want to learn about her more, and also chose Teardrop since the whole world is against her so she decided to be on her side.
    2. She sacrificed herself to save her best friend Ice Cube and her former enemy Taco from the lava overflow.
    3. After learning she was doing something wrong (the stuff about thinking Taco abandoned her team and treated her team bad), she would become her original self again.
    4. In "The Four is Lava" she was surprisingly positive with her other teammates during elimination.
      1. When Ice Cube gets safe with a happy thought, she said, "Aw, she's so happy!"
      2. She said she hoped Lollipop is safe.
      3. She calmly said to Gaty that it's kinda sad that Dora was eliminated, so she wouldn't be able to study her anymore.
    5. While Taco wanted the BFB in "The Escape from Four", she decided to let her go do what she wants instead of what Book wants.

    Battle for Dream Island: The Power of Two

    1. Her voice seems to be a lot calmer than usual, and sounds good as well.

    Bad Qualities


    1. She could be a jerk to others at times, an example would be Fries since she ate one of his fries.
    2. She was mistreated by Freesmart for being an alternate all because alternates are supposed to replace a missing alliance member.

    BFB (Episodes 3-13)

    1. She suffered from flanderization for almost the entire first half of BFB, that started in "Why Would You Do This To A Swingset", while Taco was stuck in a jawbreaker, She believed that she abandoned the team, even though she didn't, as time passed, her flanderization case was so big she was heavily panned by the fans. For more info, clickhere.
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