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    Bobby (Paper Mario)
    "You know that memory-loss thing? What's it called... Ambrosia? Amnesty? Thinky Thinky Panic? Whatever you call it, I've got it—big time."
    Gender: Male
    Type: Accident-prone Butt-Monkey
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Origami/Bob-omb
    Status: Deceased
    Media of origin: Paper Mario: The Origami King

    Bob-omb, better known as Bobby is a character who first appeared in Paper Mario: The Origami King. He is one of Mario's temporary partners whom he joins up with during their journey to destroy the five Streamers blocking access to Peach's Castle.

    Why He Made an Impact on All of Us

    1. Bobby's backstory is very interesting, he was on the cruise with his other friends on ship called The Princess Peach (not to be confused with the princess herself) and were having a time of their lives until Gooper Blooper suddenly attacked and they tried to fight back, and Bobby was knocked off the ship and loses his fuse and is washed ashore with no memory of these events and was wandering around the kingdom to find out who he is and ends up meeting Mario and Olivia on the tram to Autumn Mountain.
    2. Even for someone who only has a short amount of screentime, Bobby is a very interesting and deep character, and he is very friendly to those around him, in spite of his amnesiac state.
    3. He has his funny moments like him trying to figure out the name of his condition, and his clumsiness often lands him in trouble.
    4. Bobby is very selfless partner, and it shows that he is willing to fight for them in battle before the enemies have their turn and he does a decent job doing it.
    5. His sacrifice before the start of the Yellow Streamer quest is regarded as one of the most emotional moments in Paper Mario history; to sum it up, King Olly has Olivia trapped under the boulder when she refused to side with him, he gets an idea to set sail for the cruise ship he was on, and during their expedition, he often makes foreshadowing comments on how his kind have very short lifespans and they try to make the most of it and after they defeat Gooper Blooper and recover his box containing the fuse of his late best friend who was scrapped in an accident which he always kept with him. He uses it to blow himself up after he gives a heartfelt good-bye. This actually gets a reaction out of Mario and reduced Olivia, who is free because of his explosion destroying the boulder, to tears over his death.
    6. Even after his sacrifice, he would reappear in spirit form and give Mario some tips to cheer Olivia up when she's feeling down about his death, which is nice and shows that he shows sympathy for Olivia too.

    Thinky Thinky Panic Qualities

    1. Bobby has a few annoying moments such as his naivete getting the best of him and the player being forced to chase him around when they catch up to him.


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