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    Bob Bobowski
    "oW mY oVaRiEs!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Redeemed Egomaniacal Goofball
    Species: Garo
    Portrayed by: WillFromAfar
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: SMG4

    Bob Bobowski is a character from the YouTuber, SMG4. He is based on the Garo enemy from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.

    Why He Shouldn't Get His Ovaries Hurt

    1. Just like PurpleShep from ExplodingTNT, his voice WillFromAfar is hilarious as it sounded so weird in a funny way, this also caused him to spawn funny quotes like "oW mY oVaRiEs!".
    2. He and Mario are both funny dumb idiots, even to the point where he was used as the only hope to stop Smart Mario's villainous tendencies.
    3. Regardless of his countless foolish moments as a goofball when it comes to fame, he does have a ton of intelligent moments.
      • All of his seemingly stupid decisions in "Mario and the Bob Mansion" (replacing fire extinguishers with flamethrowers, labeling gasoline as "Bob Juice", sending Meggy to cook knowing full well how bad she was) was part of a plan to create a sob story to boost his popularity.
    4. Sometimes he is nowadays a villain in a good way such as when he destroyed Meggy's house but thankfully, he gave it back to her afterward.
    5. Memorable quotes here and there such as:
      • "oW mY oVaRiEs!" (as mentioned earlier)
      • "i SwEaR i'M nOt CrYiNg My EyE's ArE jUsT pIsSiNg."
      • "mMmMmMmMmMmMmM sOmEtHiNg SmElLz LiKe BaRbIqUe".
    6. He can even be used to make fun of anime fans before as well just by his role in the anime arc.
      • Another funny thing is in "Mario Gets Lit" where he says anime is a mistake that single-handedly destroyed the waifus.
    7. He legitimately tried to be a good friend to Rob the Scarecrow as seen from "The Corn Trip/Mario's Corn Trip".
    8. While he was the main antagonist of the Rapper Bob Arc, he quickly redeemed himself in the "The Most Important Thing". As he's been progressively cast in a more heroic manner and tends to make himself more useful whenever he has screentime. He also seems to get along better with the other main characters, and while his insults and obsessive, backstabbing tendencies are still there, they've been dialed back to a more tolerable level.
    9. In "[TEXTURES NOT FOUND]" Bob defended his friends with his own life and many other examples.
    10. Him training Melony, almost corrupting her and causing Axol to stop him was funny and memorable.
    11. His first appearance when Mario and Luigi met him in the castle was heartwarming and funny at the same time.

    Intentional "oW mY oVaRiEs!" Qualities

    1. He can be seen as unlikeable in The Rapper Bob Arc, where he became an obsessive, backstabbing celebrity.
    2. Sometimes, he is still the obsessive and self-centered, backstabbing celebrity that he was in The Rapper Bob Arc in some episodes even to this day.
    3. Despite having a big level of intelligence, he can still act like a goofy, short-sighted moron at times. Sometimes his stupidity, incompetence, dumb luck, and intelligence rivals Mario despite being way smarter than him.
    4. Disregarding his Butt-Monkey status, Bob's not the type of friend you should ever depend on, to say the least. Thankfully, after his arc, he begins to tone it down and, as a result, gets along with the cast better, even if his behavior remains the same.
    5. His redesign, while not bad, was really unnecessary as he was fine the way he was (though this is most likely to avoid legal copyright troubles with Nintendo).



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