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    Bob Belcher (Bob's Burgers)

    Bob Belcher
    "You're my family, and I love you. But you're terrible. You're all terrible."
    Gender: Male
    Type: Hard-working, Eccentric Restauranteur
    Age: 46
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: H. Jon Benjamin
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Bob's Burgers

    Robert "Bob" Belcher Jr. (born in 1967) is the main protagonist of the animated Fox sitcom Bob's Burgers. He is the owner of the eponymous restaurant and the patriarch of the Belcher family.

    Why He Rocks

    1. While he isn't a very good businessman, Bob has proven himself to be an excellent chef, even better than his business rival Jimmy Pesto (who, while better at promoting his business than Bob, is shown in "Burger War" to be aware that his food tastes bad), and even earning the admiration of celebrity chef Skip Marooch.
    2. Unlike other cartoon dads, Bob isn't your typical bumbling moronic and idiotic/lazy father since Bob, despite being poor at promoting his own business. He at least has a lot more intelligence than other cartoon dads and manages to be superior when it comes to parenting. Furthermore, Bob actually pays attention to his children.
      • On that note, he is also a caring husband to his wife Linda, and even if they find themselves at odds over something (such as Linda taking a job at Fresh Feed in "Lindapendent Woman" or Bob leaving his dirty laundry on the floor in "Bed, Bob & Beyond") they always make up in the end.
    3. He is not only excellent at cooking, but also has several creative ideas for different types of food as well. His Burgers of the Day are a prime example of this (even having creative names for them based on stock phrases and pop culture references).
    4. He displays great enthusiasm for his cooking passion and is always eager to try out new things (such as different recipes for Burgers of the Day and Thanksgiving dinner). In fact, he refused to be co-owner of his father's diner because his father Big Bob had no tolerance for creativity when it came to food.
    5. He's always ready to help his kids, no matter what.
    6. He also has a funny habit of anthropomorphizing various objects around him (such as food) when he's lonely or bored. For example, in "An Indecent Thanksgiving Proposal" he dubs an uncooked turkey "Lance", makes small talk with it, has an absinthe-fueled My Neighbor Totoro-inspired dream about it, and mourns over it when it is shot.
    7. H. Jon Benjamin does a great job voicing him, helping to convey him as a work-dedicated man who's not so above his family's craziness.
    8. His design, while not the best, is rather appealing, featuring his iconic mustache and giving off the vibe of a middle-aged man with a soft side to him.
    9. He has a knack for several hobbies such as gardening ("Late Afternoon in the Garden of Bob and Louise) and model helicopter flying ("Li'l Hard Dad").
    10. "All right, listen. You're my children and I love you. But you're all terrible at what you do here, and I feel like I should tell you, I'd fire all of you if I could."

    Bad Qualities

    1. As mentioned above he is very poor at promoting his own business, which causes him and his family to struggle financially. In fact, the fact that the Belchers are poor has become a running gag throughout the show.
    2. He tends to act no better than his enemies (such as mh:loathsomecharacters:Jimmy Pesto) when he finds himself in a dispute, as he will relentlessly try to one-up them so as to preserve his dignity. Episodes such as "Burgerboss" and "Li'l Hard Dad" are examples of this kind of behavior.
    3. He also tends to be a buzzkill at times, particularly when he is focused on pursuing a certain goal. For example, he prioritized beating Jimmy Pesto to the judges of the Bog to Beach float parade contest rather than just having fun in "Paraders of the Lost Float".


    • According to series creator Loren Bouchard, Bob has Greek and Armenian roots.
    • He is implied to be bisexual through his interactions with the grocery store butcher in "Turkey in a Can", where Bob considers him "out of his league", but promises to call him.
    • The bald spot on top of his head is shaped like an upside-down burger.
    • He has type O negative blood, as revealed in season 11's "Heartbreak Hotel-oween".


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