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    Gender: Male
    Type: A purple friendly monster
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Unknown
    Portrayed by: Steve Carell
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: IF

    Blue is the tritagonist of the 2024 movie IF. He is a purple giant monster who resembles Grimmace from McDonald's, and is a friend of C. He is also one of the best friends of Blossom. He is voiced by Steve Carell, who also voices Gru ans Dru in the Despicable Me series.

    Why He's A Loveable Purple Huggable Monster

    1. He wants to find his owner named Jeremy. He, Bea, follow him to a building, but it fails and he eventually reunites with Jeremy in the end of the movie.
    2. He provides tons of funny moments, especially with his sneezing and his friendly moments.
    3. He is one of the most friendliest and nicest characters in the movie, especially since he cares about all of the imaginary friends in the then-recent film that came out in 2024. It also helps with the great fact that he cares about all of his friends that are imaginary (though not to the purple monster Blue, as mentioned above in his Incredible Characters Wiki description), especially with Blue and Louis.
    4. He's most of the most memorable characters of IF, combined with him being a memorable character.
    5. He has several heartwarming and heart-feiting moments with him here and there, especially when he tries to reunite with his owner.
    6. His design is really creative, and great, despite looking a lot like Grimmace from McDonald's, especially since his design became a meme when it and the first trailer of IF were first revealed in December 2023.
    7. He has an intrest and loves the food Croissants, which is really notable in the scene where he, Calvin, and Bea are sitting close to Blue's owner, and Calvin opens up a box of Croissants. It also helps with the fact that a lot of humans in reality (not the IF world) like Croissants.
    8. Steve Carell did an absolutely great job voicing him.


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