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Reason: The Suicide Squad is rated-R, and it contains swearing, graphic violence, and blood, as well as gore.

Robert DuBois, better known as Bloodsport, is the main protagonist of the 2021 film The Suicide Squad, the tenth installment in the DC Extended Universe. He is an assassin for hire who was incarcerated in Belle Reve following his attempted killing of Superman via Kryptonite bullet.

"I'm an assassin, why would I share my liabilities?!"
Gender: Male
Type: Honorable Assassin
Member of Task Force X
Age: 40s
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Idris Elba
Status: Alive
Media of origin: DC Extended Universe
First appearance: The Suicide Squad

After being extorted by Amanda Waller, he became the leader of the second Task Force X team instructed with locating and destroying everything in relation to Project Starfish on the island of Corto Maltese.

Why He's an Honorable Assassin

  1. He had a rough childhood, with a very abusive father who would go as far as to lock him in a crate full of hungry rats for failing to do as he asked one day, resulting in him developing musophobia.
  2. As a military veteran and assassin, he has impeccable aim and has been described by Amanda Waller as a "world-class marksman." He even managed to shoot Superman with a Kryptonite bullet, and also always hits his targets dead center.
  3. DuBois wears a specially designed tactical suit to protect himself during jobs and missions. The suit mounts his arsenal in collapsed form, along with utility tools such as grapnels, and fire extinguishers.
  4. His primary weapons are firearms, the components of which he stores on his suit in a compressed form. His signature arms are modular; its base form fires high-caliber pistol rounds, and by connecting additional components he can transform it into more so powerful artillery forms; adding a second component transforms it into a high-powered shotgun, and by adding two more he creates a man-portable gunnery piece with tremendous destructive potential.
  5. He can be a jerk, but overall he's a pretty good guy at his core. If anything, he spends more time thinking and saying that he has no good in himself than proving that as a point, especially since he has plenty of moments where he does prove it.
  6. His rivalry with Peacemaker is really cool to watch. Both have virtually the same backstory and overlapping combat skills, something Bloodsport even points out. They have an immediate distaste for each other, and spend most of their time bickering and showing each other off.
    • Aside from both of them having nearly identical upbringings and skill sets, Bloodsport is a villain who deep down wants to be a good person, while Peacemaker believes himself to be heroic but in truth is an unrepentant, delusional villain.
    • Also, his face off with Peacemaker was great, as they simultaneous quick-draw duel with each other and Bloodsport wins by firing small bullets through the center of his .50 AE hollow point in mid-air, shattering it and shooting Peacemaker in the neck.
  7. He's abrasive, quick-tempered, a neglectful father, and finds most of his teammates annoying or weird. However, he is protective of his daughter, is a consummate professional, focuses on keeping his teammates alive, and is capable of striking up genuine friendships with them.
  8. As the film progress, he formed a close bond with Ratcatcher 2, eventually becomes a father figure to her, which is proven when he subdues King Shark for trying to eat her and when he shoots Peacemaker in the neck for trying to kill her.
  9. He leads his team to fight Starro, not caring if Amanda Waller kills them. He assembles his nanotech rifle and proceeds to attack Starro first. Even though he doesn't do significant damage to Starro and the rest of squad runs away from the monster's impending attack, it's admirable how Bloodsport still stands his ground to fight against something he's clearly no match for on his own.
  10. He successfully blackmailed Waller into letting him and his surviving teammates go free.
  11. All in all, he proved himself to be a genuinely good and honorable man by the film's conclusion despite initially appearing as little more than a gruff, aloof assassin with a one-track mind.
  12. Idris Elba did a brilliant job portraying Bloodsport.

The Only Bad Quality

  1. As mentioned above, he has a musophobia of rats. This causes some serious problems when he's put on a team with Ratcatcher II/Cleo, whose special skill is summoning and controlling rats, although he managed to overcome it thanks to being around Ratcatcher II and from Sebastian's persistent friendliness towards him.


  • Bloodsport's role was originally going to be that of Deadshot's with Idris Elba even being confirmed as a replacement for Will Smith initially. However, in the midway through production, James Gunn changed the character so Will Smith could still have a chance to potentially return and reprise his role in the future.


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