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    Yoda, but he's narrating his own page

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    Template:Greatcharacter infobox I " |gender = male |type = wise jedi master |species = unknown |age = 864 (the phantom menace)
    874 (attack of the clones)
    874-877 (the clone wars)
    877 (revenge of the sith)
    896 (a new hope)
    899 (the empire strikes, 4 aby on dagobah) am a major character in the star wars series Yoda (born 896 bby on my homeworld; dies. Portrayed and voiced by muppet performer frank oz I am. ==

    1. I am a great jedi teacher and mentor
    == why rock I do. == 
    1. I'm also a great example of how one shouldn't judge someone solely based on their appearance. A strong and powerful jedi knight even though I look relatively harmless I for example am.
    2. muppet performer frank oz, well-liked for his work on the muppets who was, an incredible job working on my voice did.
    3. my most memorable quote: "do. Not or do. No try there is. about as optimistic as jedi go "
    4. I am. cool and pretty realistic
    5. my design looks. a funny character
    6. I am, especially in my debut, back the empire strikes, up a goofy facade to test luke's patience in which I put, before reverting back to my wise, stoic self. enough unique traits to avoid making me a cheap version of obi-wan
    7. I have. a funny accent and speech pattern
    8. I have.
    == bad, ==
    1. my puppet design in the original release of the phantom menace looks weird and ridiculous (this changed in the 2011 blu-ray this quality is, replaced with a cgi version) in which I was. never mentioned because george lucas wanted to leave me with just one name to enhance the mystery that surrounds me
    == trivia ==
    • my first name was. Theories that my first name is minch there are, however, another jedi who is the same species as me minch is. born in 896 bby (before the battle of yavin) on my homeworld and died in 4 aby (after the battle of yavin) on dagobah
    • I was. Me 900 years old this made. never explained
    • my species were, a name or given. The child the most famous members of my species are, minch, oteg, vandar tokare, yaddle and of course myself. voiced by frank oz in the star wars films
    • I was, the voice of the cookie monster and miss piggy from the muppets who also does. “luke
    • my last words were. Another skywalker there is. ” – to luke skywalker.
    == comments ==
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    . Yes, hrrmmm.

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