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    Kick Buttowski
    Kick Buttowski

    Example.jpg| Kick Buttowski.png {{IncredibleCharactersInfobox |Name = Kick Buttowski |Picture = Kick Buttowski.png | Quote = “Aww Biscuits” “Chimichunga!!” |Gender = Male |Type = Daredevil Kid |Age = 10 |Species = Human |Portrayed = Charlie Schlatter |Status = Alive |Series = Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil {{Quote |It’s Time to Kick Buttowski! [[ <gallery> File:Kick Buttowski.png|thumb|Kick Buttowski.png]]

    Clarence Francis "Kick" Buttowski is a 10-year-old boy and the titular main protagonist of the show. He aspires to be the world's greatest daredevil (his biggest obsession). He has an older brother named Brad and a younger sister named Brianna. His best friend is Gunther, a thrill seeking boy. His first appearance is in "Dead Man's Drop", the pilot. His catchphrases are "Aw, biscuits!" and "Chimichanga!"

    Why He Goes Chimichanga

    1. His life’s passion is extreme stunts.
    2. Charlie Schlatter does a great job voicing him.
      • His deep voice sounds incredibly badass.
    3. He is shown to have great determination, which occasionally clashes with his temperament. However, despite this all, he has been shown to have a kind heart, performing many kind acts.
    4. He seems rather polite as well getting upset when he believed Gunther was swearing in "Fistful of icecream" and stopping every single time the light was red in "stand and delivery".
    5. He has been shown to have the ability to hold quite a grudge, shown in "Dead Man's Drop" when he yells 'You've made my revenge list Brad! Again! then adding Brad's name to a list which contains only more times he has vowed to take revenge on his older brother.
    6. Despite his bad grades and seeming inability to finish homework, he has also been shown to have a great ability to retain information. This is shown greatly in "Morning Rush!" when he has to do two months of homework in one night, which he does do, though Oskar eats it while he's showing Gunther.
    7. His design is awesome and cute to look at.
    8. Kick is shown to be very skilled in a variety of areas. The most demonstrated is his skill with various vehicles, with him (nearly) instantaneously gaining the ability to drive Billy Stumps' monster truck, as well as the abilities he has demonstrated with his skateboard, bike, and cart. In some episodes, it is shown that Kick has skill in certain types of martial arts like karate, wrestling, boxing, etc.
    9. He is also shown to have engineering skill, as he was able to create a giant mechanical T-Rex with the ability to breathe fire. He appears to have a natural talent for anything that is 'extreme', such as water skiing.
    10. His intro was incredibly Badass to listen to.
    11. He does have funny moments and badass moments too.

    Aw Biscuits Qualities

    1. He is a huge punching bag in plenty of episodes.
    2. He is pretty much stubborn and hard-headed.
    3. In “Exposed!” Kick loses his helmet, and shocked by the lost of his sign, he decides to quit becoming a daredevil, which makes quite hard.
    4. Viewers are either confused on what he looks like without his Helmet, The creator never explained what hair color it is.
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