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    Debunking Loathsome Characters Wiki's page of Four (A rant)

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    Okay, but before I begin, I know this blog can be moved to the LCW counterpart since I'm basically criticizing the "loathsome" counterpart of Four's page. Not the "incredible" one. And that their counterpart wiki sucks (sorry). But since I won't be here for long, I'm just gonna give out my overall thoughts on that page.


    The first time I saw that page by the time I got to know a lot about Four, that was when I realized how awful this page is for many reasons. So it's about time I debunk their pointers one-by-one and explain my reasonings behind them. The bold text represents the original text from said article, while the regular ones are my debunks. Do mind that this is a rant, so expect me to get mad at these pointers.

    Also, just as a side note, even though I like Four, and that I can say that I'm a fan of them, this blog is not meant to act like me being overly defensive and butthurt unlike those toxic fans of theirs. Rather, I'm just criticizing why this page is awful and is one of my least favorite pages on Loathsome Characters Wiki.

    Part 1: The Bad Qualities (Why They Make Us Next Level Mad)

    1. "To start of the list, they have been heavily flanderized for their return as the host of Battle for BFDI (possibly even worse than Gelatin). In X Finds Out His Value, Four is a kind, caring number who cares about X's feelings and the other numbers, but in Battle For BFDI, they act like an annoying, sadistic, selfish, and near-heartless jerk who likes to abuse their powers against the contestants for fun."
      First of all, it's debatable whether or not "X Finds Out His Value" is even canon to the series or not. Yeah, they made a few references to this short in BFDI's canon episodes from time-to-time, but that doesn't dictate Four's overall personality. If anything, this is early-installment weirdness at its finest, since this is a very old video that the Huang Twins made as a part of their school project (just like their other video "I can make a Difference"). Another thing, isn't that the entire point of Four's personality? Some eldritch abomination that takes pleasure into acting sadistic to the contestants for their personal enjoyment? Yet nobody complains whenever Blocky does the same thing to the other contestants as victims for his pranks. Also, I noticed that nobody here is batting an eye about Four reverting back to their BFB personality by the time they, along with X, returned as side characters in TPOT.
    2. "They are a terrible host, abusing their contestants and even their co-host X, despite showing compassion to them at times."
      Again, that's the entire point of Four's personality. You're not meant to actually like them considering their hate sink status, and that's why their fans appreciate this character.
    3. "Their voice is very grating to listen to."
      Well, admittedly, it is. But you'll get used to it overtime. That's just how Michael Huang voices most characters. On the other hand, I guess the grating voice is intentional for his "love to hate" status. Still, this pointer is highly subjective and debatable, so I recommend that this gets removed entirely.
    4. "They have little to no empathy for others. They don't care about how others feel, as they often bully their friends for no good reason such as zapped Gelatin for stabbing them by accident in BFB 3 (even though he deserved it). He even mutilated Pin in BFB 1 and said "Pretty cool, don't you think?"
      I don't know about you guys, but I, along with some BFDI fans thought that these were hilarious. It is the most replayed scene in BFB 3 for a reason, to the point that this scene is used as a meme. And the mutilating Pin? Well, how disturbing it is can be subjective person to person. I would like to point out that they did that to Blocky in one of the post-split episodes for annoying them. Like I already said, these chaotic and intentionally unlikable traits are all part of Four's status as an eldritch abomination.
      "They are a psychopath, as they keep killing other characters for no reason at all and are just jerkass in general."
      Yeah, because mean jerkass characters are automatically bad characters according to you people. C'mon. Not trying to defend this character or anything, but do I really have to explain myself again?
    5. "They are also a Butt-Monkey (particularly in the later episodes), for example, the other contestants frequently treat them badly, such as yelling at them to revive the other contestants in BFB 2, and in BFB 16, the other contestants even left Four's show to go to Two's show. However, considering Four was rude and sociopathic to the other contestants, it's hard not to say Four deserved it."
      I don't really see how being treated like garbage counts as a bad quality. It doesn't make sense, as this can be quite contradicting to what makes Four unlikeable. Let alone, this doesn't really affect Four themself but rather it's on the other contestants. Also, maybe in-universe, Four deserved to be left out, but do consider that most BFDI fans thought that the contestants shouldn't have left their show and move to TPOT at that time, since the split was a very controversial moment that happened in the series. Although in hindsight, at least TPOT actually turned out to be amazing (well, if you get past some of their weaker episodes such as episodes 3-6, due to the change of the showrunners after firing Satomi Hinasu). Still, this pointer is unnecessary since this isn't really about Four being a "terrible" character.
    6. "They went insane in BFB 30, where they transformed into objects and let them stay in the ground forever and leave them alone."
      Uhh...? This pointer just feels too laughable. It just assumes that anything scary = automatically bad for some people for whatever reason.
    7. "They were at their absolute worst in BFB 16, where they refused to let the EXIT contestants out and threw a tantrum for everyone switching."
      Okay, maybe I partially agree and disagree with this one. Disagree because most BFDI fans pointed out that Spongy and Loser didn't deserve to rejoin the game. And agree because a character, Liy, was initially planned to escape along with Spongy and Loser, to join TPOT. But this was scrapped for some reason. Still, it was unfair to those that almost escaped since some people pointed out that they could have easily escaped the EXIT when they had the chance to, but for plot reasons, they just got sucked back in by Four. So yeah, the tantrum throwing part is both agreeable and disagreeable to me at the same time.
    8. "They sometimes go unpunished for their actions to the point where they're part of the Karma Houdini trope."
      Okay, this is just wrong. Do you guys even know what "karma houdini" actually means? This is also very contradicting as said page also mentioned that they did get karma, TWICE! First, when A Better Name than That multiplied 4 by zero (where Donut eventually consumes Four's power) for just about a third of pre-split. And then when most of his contestants ditched BFB in favor of competing in TPOT, yeah. You literally just said that Four got karma here! Seriously, a problem with Reception Wiki pages is that with pages like this one, there are pointers that contradict each other.
    9. "They can't take criticism at all; for example, when Basketball called them pudgy, they got angry, and when Balloony & Lollipop High-Five, they got angry too and demanded them to do a High-Four."
      To be fair, criticism is something that not everybody takes very lightly, so it isn't always a bad thing. Also, I'm not sure about the others, but some people such as me found these scenes to be hilarious rather than painful. Besides, it is apparent that people took these scenes too seriously, as they're only cartoon characters. And not every cartoons need to have "realism" in it, and for a comedy series, you shouldn't treat it as such. Another thing to point out that since the post-split season is considered by many BFDI fans to be the weakest season, this might be a little justified. So this is another pointer that's too subjective.
    10. "They, alongside Gelatin, take away the spotlight from the other characters."
      Okay, this is just the worst of them all. Even worse than the now deleted "They are a ripoff of Chris Mcclean" (since said deleted pointer not only applies to every competition-based object shows, but also because Total Drama, the series they got inspired by, got inspired by the Survivor series). Where to begin? Well, they're obviously the host of BFB, so duh. They're supposed to be one of the most important characters in the show. If you take away the host of a reality show, then there will be no show. You know, that's the reason why in BFB 10, all the contestants realized that without Four, they're just "battling for nothing"? Just imagine any reality show without a host. Like Chris Mcclean for instance. Remove him on the show, and there will be no Total Drama. Same logic applies to the previous hosts here, such as No announcer (or any of the speaker boxes) = No Dream Island, no Two = no Power of Two, etc.
    11. "They treat most of their contestants like trash. Notable examples include Gelatin, Donut, Basketball, Balloony, Lollipop, Blocky, Taco, Black Hole, Clock, Loser, Profily & Gaty."
      This is just a repeat of pointer #4. And as I said many times, THAT IS THE ENTIRE POINT OF FOUR'S CHARACTER! THEY'RE MEANT TO BE DEPICTED AS A HATE SINK IN-UNIVERSE. And just because someone acts mean doesn't mean that they're bad people. Why are most villains and antagonists treated like this then? I get that there are a few poorly written villains and antagonists, but this page just reeks a lot for missing the point of his character; and seemed like a hater of Four wrote this one. And like I said on the comments section of the ICW counterpart of this page, how come Bill Cipher gets liked for doing the exact same chaotic thing as Four? Yet for some reason, this page depicts him as "bad" for doing a lot of similar things as Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls. This is why Loathsome Characters Wiki gets a lot of flack, even by some Reception Wiki users themselves. Pages like this one just misses the entire point of Four's characterization.

    Part 2: The Redeeming Qualities

    1. "They are much more likable and tolerable in the non-canon shorts and at last, they end up redeeming themselves in BFB 30, where they apologized for their cruel actions."
      Um, no. You're basically just saying that this is a good quality because according to your logic, either apologizing, being a nice character, or redeeming themselves automatically counts as a good quality. Meanwhile, for some reason you automatically assume that (just like object show kids), you act like "mean = bad" all the time. You guys really act harsh towards mean or antagonistic characters. Even though there are poorly written villains or antagonists, this page is just no excuse to just take Four too seriously to the point of treating them as if they were real people. Because guess what? Fiction and reality, despite the former affecting the latter, should still be separated regardless.
    2. "They are at least nice to some contestants before their character development."
      Well, as a fan of Four, I guess this is one of the few pointers I actually agree.
    3. "To be fair, BFB would not be as good as it is without them, since they are the hosts of the show and are involved in many of the episode's conflicts. Though they could've been written better in this season of the franchise."
      So now you're saying that not having them defeats the purpose of BFB's existence? I just figured that this entire page is just contradictory. It also reminded me of the time back in around 2018-2019 that Eric Cartman used to have a page there for being one of the "worst people in the show" even though that's the reason why South Park is one of the most beloved cartoons of all time before its deletion for basically defeating the purpose of being "loved to hate". Same thing with Happy Tree Friends' Flippy's evil side, Fliqpy. Their personality trait of killing people is why they have the charm that attracted the HTF fanbase. Just, wow. I'm honestly confused by your logic of how a character can either be considered "good" or "bad", especially since the page keeps contradicting itself.
    4. "Though they can be mean to them sometimes, they've shown they are a good friend and genuinely care about X."
      Yeah, this is also true. Nothing else to add.
    5. "Micheal Huang's voice acting for Four can be good to listen to, although that isn't saying much."
      So is it supposed to be good or grating? Seriously, make up your damn minds!
    6. ""I, AM NEXT LEVEL, MAD."
      No comment. This is actually one of Four's signature scenes/quotes, along with Four zapping Gelatin.
    7. "They get their comeuppance in BFB 6 as they end up getting multiplied by A Better Name Than That and Zero (Donut)."
      Goddammit. You and your contradicting pointers once again. A character can't be a "karma houdini" if they actually get their desserts every once in a while. Also, you did forget to mention how the TPOT contestants went to Two's show and in-universe, seeing Four get picked on by Two is some karma.
    8. "Being the mean-spirited, sociopathic, selfish, and abusive villains they are, they were supposed to be hated in these seasons as such."
      Which brings me the question. What was the point of this entire page?? And as I just said, that was also the reason why pages such as Eric Cartman and Fliqpy/Flippy's pages were deleted. They're all unlikable characters, but that's what also makes them beloved by their fans.
    9. "They still have a nice design."
      Uh... okay I guess..?

    Conclusion + Overall Thoughts

    I just hope that after you do finish reading this rant blog of mine will you will come to understand how Four's character works and what makes Four such a great character, not just by me, but to all the BFDI Fans, object show fans, and said character's respective fans. I just want all of you to understand that Four may be a flawed character, and does a lot of bad things. But that don't automatically assume that just because they have their typical antagonist's traits (such as being mean, torturing people for the evulz, etc. etc) doesn't automatically make them bad characters. Same logic applies to the good characters as well, since even some of the nicest characters can be poorly written too. Not to mention, just because someone apologizes or redeems themselves doesn't automatically make them good characters again. It will only be if the writing and execution of a character's said apology and redemption is well-enough. If it were me though, I would recommend deleting the LCW page of Four. Since knowing Four and BFDI in general, maybe the original author of this article (not trying to harass you as a person for that btw) probably just either wrote it in a hate-based perspective based on the vocal minority's overall opinions on them, or just didn't understand how Four's characterization even worked. Besides, as I said before, I haven't seen a lot of people disliking Four overall compared to the ones that like them. And even if its inevitable that there will still be haters of said characters, that's still small compared to the size of their fanbase.

    My advise is that perhaps some of these "unlikable" traits that Four has, is what makes them chaotic, but at the same time, hilarious and a fun character to be around. They can also be seen as a foil to X and Two. Since the latter two are a lot nicer compared to Four. And that Four can just be on par with the traits of the Announcer, Firey Speakerbox, and Puffball Speakerbox. You can still write some of the stronger bad quality pointers on Four's ICW page, for as long as it is heavily agreed by many that this is something they don't like about them. All in all, just take a look back and understand Four more.

    I hope I don't get blocked in both character wikis, since this is by no means, any harassment to any of the users in either Character Reception wiki whatsoever.

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