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Gender: Male
Type: Friendly Monster
Species: Slime Monster
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Casper's Scare School

Blodge is a supporting character in the Casper's Scare School series, who first appeared as a background character in the movie of the same name.

Why He Rocks

  1. Although he doesn't appear much, he might be one of the most memorable monsters on the show because of his design.
  2. He is very friendly with the other characters on the show, especially with Casper.
  3. By the way, he's a good friend to Casper, so much so that he's helped him several times in Season 2, even getting caught by the monster hunter.
  4. Although not occasionally, he is quite helpful in helping Casper, Mantha and Ra when they are in trouble.
  5. His character was greatly improved in Season 2, along with Triclops, Pumpkinhead and MossHead, and even gained some character development.
  6. Also, he was also better used in Season 2 than in Season 1, and got several speaking roles throughout the episodes and even an episode of his own, "Radio Blodge".
  7. Speaking of "Radio Blodge", he was very talented in this episode when he was impersonating a DJ, so much so that he was even acclaimed by the students of Scare School and even the citizens of Deedstown.
  8. Season 2 at least bothered to give him some personality trait, unlike Season 1 where he was a completely flat character.
  9. Although he didn't do much in Season 1, he was still one of the only students brave enough to come out of the library and accompany Casper when Bakora was around in "Power Outage".

Bad Qualities

  1. His design, while not a terrible thing, is quite weird and somewhat ugly, even more so than the other characters on the show.
  2. He has terrible voice acting in Season 2, just like the rest of the cast.
  3. Although Season 2 gave him more depth, he still wasn't very well expected and still lacks a bit of personality.


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