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    "This program was brought to you, by Blocky's Funny Doings International!
    Gender: Male
    Type: Horrendous Prankster, but a Strong Chad
    Species: Hardwood Building Block
    Portrayed by: Michael Huang
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Total Firey Island (Character Chart; first appearance)

    Blocky is a contestant in seasons 1 and 4 of the popular web series Battle for Dream Island.

    Why He's Always Pranking

    1. He is good at performing pranks, mainly he would use recovery centers for his pranks even though it's suicide/genocide, but still, his pranks will make people laugh.
    2. He is a well-received object show meanie, which could be the reason why he rejoined in the first season.
    3. His voice actor (Michael Huang) did a great job voicing him!
    4. He could cook up some strategies in his mind when it comes to challenges, for example, in Lofty, he used to teeth to pop Snowball's balloon and did something the Announcer has done before the challenge began, he said "Poof" and Rocky's balloon disappeared, making his team win.
    5. Despite his rude personality, he could be friends with some characters, like his best pals Pen and Eraser.
    6. In the fourth season, he stopped doing pranks (because Black Hole sucked up all the recovery centers), which is an innocent thing since pranks would usually hurt people's feelings, but for him, it's for his career, his career is to make a TV show with pranks, which he already did.
    7. In BFB 21, he started to actually become much tamer, this is because he and Taco had a conversation about his actions towards other characters, mainly Woody, and the way he treats him and others too isn't quite nice. After the challenge ended, he became tamer to Woody and befriended him.
    8. In BFB 29, he told Woody this moral: Don't be someone else to impress someone. That makes him one of the few people to actually say a moral for once.
    9. He actually did something more different than just pranks, which is fearing his enemies with destruction.
    10. He is pretty simple to make, just use red construction paper, draw a cube paper craft shape on it, cut it out, fold and tape it and draw his face, which is great if you want to make a figure of him.

    Bad Qualities

    1. As said from before, he was a jerk and he did suicide/genocide pranks by using recovery centers for pranks.
    2. He was a huge jerk to Firey Bubble and Woody, he usually bullied those three (Or just the other 2 cause firey at best was pranked by him) but in BFB 21, he actually became tamer to one of them, that is Woody because of that conversation he had with Taco.
    3. He wasn't really himself in season 4a, making pranks and being a jerk, due to the fact that he is not getting much focus and all the recovery centers were sucked up by Black Hole, giving him no more pranks to do.
    4. Before his character development, he was a jerk in the early days of BFDI. Most notable being popping bubble because Flower wanted Bubble gone.
    5. Like most other characters, he sometimes makes some ugly faces like this one.


    • Him and Mr. Strong from the Mr. Men series have some similarities to each other.
      • They are both red.
      • They are both cube-shaped, but Mr. Strong's design in The Mr. Men Show isn't cube-shaped.
      • They are both strong dudes.
      • They both have black eyes.
        • He also looks like One from Numberblocks.
    • He is quite Self-Aware since he shows the viewers his pranks.
    • He is the first BFDI character to be a rejoiner.


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