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    Bertha (Fred 2: Night of The Living Fred)

    Bertha (Fred 2: Night of The Living Fred)
    "Everybody’s weird. There’s just some people who like to act like they’re normal."
    Gender: Female
    Type: Sarcastic, Cynical, but deep down Good Goth Friend
    Age: 17
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Daniella Monet
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Fred 2: Night of The Living Fred

    Bertha is Fred's neighbor and a friend of Fred, and is one of the characters from the Fred franchise. In the original web series, she’s not given enough information or even a physical appearance (her voice doesn’t count) to make her a fully developed character, neither good or bad, and too one-dimensional. When she did appear in the movies and the show, however, she wasn’t a good character in the franchise. But, the 2nd movie is an exception, and she was shown to be the one of the only 2 tolerable characters from the awful film (the other being John Cena) and shows an improvement from her first physical appearance.

    Why She Rocks In This Movie

    1. For an awful sequel, Bertha is actually one of the only 2 characters to be tolerable (along with John Cena).
    2. She is one of the only things this terrible sequel actually improved on, where she went from a bland "stereotypical emo girl" to a cynical, sarcastic and tolerable person who has a decent personality.
    3. She has more character than her web counterpart did.
    4. She is a good friend to Fred, able to get used to his very annoying traits and his stupidity, and also help him out.
    5. She is right about Mr. Devlin not being a vampire and that Fred was just imagining things, but she tells him in a kind way, unlike most characters in the movie who would be mean to Fred.
    6. She doesn’t care what anyone thinks, which is great considering the stupid things Fred thinks of, but she’s also nice to Fred at the same time, as mentioned above.
    7. She’s also very smart, able to disguise herself as a convincing waitress when she and Fred were following Mr. Devlin and already having a backup plan for when her and Fred's home ec project was ruined.
    8. She helped Fred scare Kevin when he thought he was kidnapping her sister.
    9. She is very beautiful.
    10. Daniella Monet did a decent job portraying her.

    Bad Qualities

    1. There’s still her normal unlikable counterpart outside of the second movie.
      • Also, her web counterpart is too one dimensional to be considered good or bad.
    2. She has a dry sense of humor.


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