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    Brains triumph over brawn!
    Gender: Male
    Type: The Brains
    Species: Box Turtle
    Portrayed by: Matt Olsen
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Sly Cooper

    Bentley is the deuteragonist of Sly Cooper. He is a male turtle with green skin and black eyes which are covered by glasses, which he needs due to being nearsighted. He grew up in an orphanage with Sly and Murray They soon combined their skills; Bentley's knowledge, Sly's athleticism, and Murray's enthusiasm; and created a lifelong bond.

    Why He Rocks

    1. As you expected, he is the brains for the Cooper Gang. His intelligence makes him aware that he is sure of his brainpower even in moments of doubt among others. His intelligence is useful for planning every master operation as well as being skilled with technology including upgrading his wheelchair to hacking. Also, it's even gone to the point where even Sly admitted that he would not have gotten anywhere without Bentley.
    2. He faced character development throughout the series. He is usually portrayed as a nervous yet smart turtle (get's even more present when is on the field). When Sly and Murray in the second game got captured, he fended for himself and turned a new leaf for his personality. Now he became more confident and relaxed. Bently even got to use a sense of sarcasm (eventually, he got to tick off Muggshot and bait him into getting arrested again).
      • Even before the second game, he had to set aside his fears just to hack Clockwerk's computer to save Sly's and Carmelita's life.
    3. At the end of the second game, he got a highly modified wheelchair that makes him more mobile than he was due to him losing the use of his legs.
    4. His timidness serves as a way to protect his friends in any way he can. This is evident in the first game before he got more confident.
    5. The third game still allowed Bentley to mature, but it gave enough time for him to learn to deal with the paralysis from his legs. His plans have gotten more violent and painful for the enemy. In this case, he can confront several villains by himself and be verbally offensive.
    6. His relationship with Penelope is moving. In the third game, he fell in love with her only she was attracted to Sly causing Bentley to be jealous over this. He didn't bring himself to hate his friend, but he managed to save Penelope twice.
      • In Thieves in Time, he felt sad about Penelope going missing. However, he learned that Penelope's disappearance was a betrayal of him which is sad. Penelope did try to justify her betrayal stating that she wanted to see the two of them much greater and attempted to frame Sly. Bentley stood up for what he believes that he and Sly are equals and came to the realization that Penelope had the belief of power and money.
    7. Became the first non-Cooper to write in the Thievius Raccoonus as he inherited it. Sly stated that not only can Bentley write on the book, but he entrusts the family legacy and the Cooper Gang itself to Bentley
    8. He's a demolitionist for the gang and is served as the main demolition of the crew. It's just using bombs, that's all.
    9. As the games went on, he can also take the role of the unofficial leader of the Cooper Gang.
    10. ”Jump and press the circle button!”

    Bad Qualities

    1. He felt jealous over Penelope falling for Sly before Penelope was falling for Bentley
    2. Became paralyzed, but he was able to get back in the light.
    3. Takes a lot more damage than Sly and Murray which makes him a glass cannon.
    4. Used to be nervous and uptight.
    5. His backstory is inconsistent. In the bio on SlyCooper.PlayStation.com, he was delivered anonymously as an egg. Yet his current backstory had him live in a swamp and often run away from his siblings due to his nearsightedness.
    6. Plot hole: he said in Sly 3 that he is allergic to lemons yet he didn't suffer any side effects from the lemonade.
    7. Starting from Sly 2 but prior to Thieves in Time, Bentley's appearance in official artwork is often inconsistent with his in-game appearance, particularly his character model.


    • His last name in the Japanese version of the games is Wiseturtle.
    • Has an I.Q. of 140
    • He said throughout the series that he suffers from asthma.
    • Understands Navajo code talk. It was proven when Sly opened a vault during "Two to Tango" in "Sunset Snake Eyes".
      • In Sly 2, he said he was fluent in Sanskrit during a scene where Sly opens a vault in "The Predator Awakes"
    • Bentley's binocular had a picture of Penelope. After the truth about Penelope, he e scribbled all over the picture, showing her as a devil, implying his new anger.
      • Funnily enough, he scribbled Penelope's eyes with the Sanzaru monkey's eyes: a plus sign and a minus sign.
    1. For some reason, his friendship with Sly is ironic as turtles are prayed on by raccoons.
      • His relationship with Penelope is also ironic as turtles can eat mice.
    • As seen in Thieves in Time, Bentley's computer has a logo on the back that says "Shell." This logo is a play on words and looks very similar to, actual computer manufacturer, Dell's logo.
    • During the mech fight with Penelope in Thieves in Time, he said that Penelope's mech is "so 2005" as a nod to Sly 3
    • In the prologue of Thieves in Time, when Bentley is in the sewers, he says, "Interesting... the last time I was in these sewers, I was just a teenager." This is a reference to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
    • Sometimes when selected at the safehouse in Thieves in Time, Bentley will lift up his glasses and reveal his true dotty eyes. The canceled film adaptation had Bentley used a different set of eye designs as they are more organic than dotty.
    • His “Jump and press the circle button” quote became an Internet meme among gamers and Sly Cooper fans.


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