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    Ben 10
    "It's hero time!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Transforming Superhero
    Age: 10 (original series)
    11 (Omniverse flashbacks)
    15 (Alien Force)
    16 (Ultimate Alien and Omniverse)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Tara Strong (kid) & Yuri Lowenthal (teenager)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The Ben 10 franchise

    🎶 It started when an alien device did what it did, and stuck itself upon his wrist with secrets that it hid, now he's got super powers, he's no ordinary kid: he's Ben 10! 🎶
    - First line of the theme song performed by Moxy

    Benjamin Kirby Tennyson, also known as Ben Tennyson, is the main protagonist of the interesting and enjoyable cartoon series called Ben 10, along with its sequel series, Alien Force, Ultimate Alien, and Omniverse. He is a kid who found a device that allows its user to turn into various different alien forms called the Omnitrix at 10.

    Why He's Going Hero

    1. His powers from the Omnitrix is making him from a zero wimpy loser to a badass kid and a superhero, which is very unique and clever.
    2. His designs are excellent.
    3. He is mature when he needs to be as shown in these episodes: the original series’ "Kevin 11" where he doesn't let Kevin hurt innocent lives, or in Ultimate Alien’s "Ultimate Enemy: Part 2" where he gains so many power but chooses to save humanity instead of destroying and killing every villain in existence.
    4. He is a great leader in the first 2 seasons of Alien Force and all of Ultimate Alien and Omniverse.
    5. He believes that having an equipment is not the thing of what makes a great hero.
    6. He is one of the most famous Cartoon Network characters in history.
    7. His Omnitrix/Ultimatrix designs are very unique and well-designed.
    8. Tara Strong and Yuri Lowenthal did phenomenal jobs voicing him as a kid and a teenager, respectively.
    9. He can turn into various different species of aliens.
    10. Despite him being surrounded by paparazzi in many episodes of Ultimate Alien, he doesn't really mind the fame.
    11. He is one of the strongest characters in all of fiction, He can even rival Goku, Superman, Green Lantern, Giorno Giovanna and more in terms of power.
    12. He is very relatable to many. Although he is mostly seen fighting crime and saving the universe, he does hang out with his friends and his team, eat candy and chili fries, drink Mr. Smoothies, collect trading cards and action figures, play video games, watch Sumo Slammers, go to school and help out like any regular teen.
    13. He is even shown to buy stuff for everybody, as seen in the Alien Force episode "The Gauntlet", where he bought Mr. Smoothies for his friends.
    14. He never lets down any of his allies, he trusts people, this can be seen in the original series’ episode "Kevin 11" where he trusts Kevin about him being on his side.
    15. He deeply cares for his family (his parents Carl and Sandra, his Grandpa Max, his cousin Gwen, etc.), and his friends (Kevin, Alan, Manny, Helen, Pierce, Cooper, Julie, Rook, his current girlfriend Kai, etc.), and will do anything for them.
    16. He and Rook have an awesome and believable friendship, and they always help each other out.
    17. He did have a good relationship with Julie, having cute moments, giving both characters more growth, and they had a kiss in "The Ultimate Enemy: Part 2" (until it got ruined, see below).
    18. His current relationship with Kai is decent, with Kai being a character introduced in the original series, and they do have some cute moments.

    Bad Qualities

    1. He can be cocky and immature at times, especially in season 3 of Alien Force.
    2. The relationship he had with Julie was ruined in Omniverse because of the writers wanting to push her aside after Dwayne McDuffie‘s death, and the reason they broke up was petty: because of Ben's insults toward a video game. At least his current relationship with Kai is decent, as mentioned above.
    3. He was sadly flanderized in the reboot, but at least he got his characterization back in the 5th Season of the Ben 10 reboot.
    4. In the original series, he can be very unlikable in some episodes, such as: "Kevin 11" and "Tourist Trap".


    • His original version's hair is similar to Timmy Turner, coincidentally, both are voiced by Tara Strong.


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