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    Ben (Talking Tom & Friends)

    Talking Ben
    "Yes, I'm a tech genius, but I also possess a well-rounded personality. For example, I can be whimsical, spontaneous, organized, and most of all, I’m humorous."
    Gender: Male
    Type: Lovable Nerdy Dog
    Age: 22 (TT&F show) or 43 (Talking Angela)
    Species: Anthropomorphic Dog
    Portrayed by:
    Michael D. Cohen(2012)
    James Adomian(2014-present)
    Dave Soltura (Talking Tom SHorts, season 2)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Talking Tom & Friends
    First appearance: Talking Ben the Dog (2011)

    Ben, properly known as Benjamin and also known as Talking Ben, is the tritagonist of the popular app seriesTalking Tom & Friends and the shows based on it.

    Recognized as a genius, Ben is known for his sharp intellect and ability to understand science with ease. Due to his intellect, he is often referred to as a nerd by his friends.

    Why He's a Genius

    1. Ben is known for imitating what you say, but unlike the other characters from this app series (who are still on the Play Store, as some have been deleted), he repeats with a deep voice, which sets him apart from the other characters, despite being a little scary, especially for a children's game.
      • In fact, he, along with the other characters from the same series, were the main reason why mobile apps became popular, along with The Angry Birds.
    2. Ben in the television series has a more acceptable voice that is not annoying because it is not high pitched in the series, making it practically perfect, due to James Adominian's great performance.
      • His voice in the original apps and in Talking Friends isn't bad (although it is a little scary, especially in the app) and his voice in recent apps and Talking Tom Shorts is decent.
    3. Ben is a very intelligent, although neurotic, nerd. He is capable of making many machines, as demonstrated in the shows Talking Friends and Talking Tom & Friends.
    4. His grumpy old man personality in the original apps, while unlikable, is kind of funny, especially since it spawned a lot of memes after IShowSpeed ​​played the Talking Ben the Dog app.
    5. He has a very iconic rivalry/friendship with Tom.
    6. He is a good friend to everyone, despite being grumpy.
    7. Even though Outfit7 isn't the same game developer or television producer, it's proof that their characters have never been flanderized (although they were slightly after Outfit7 was bought by a Chinese company).
    8. Its design is very cute. Even though T5 is horrible (they're trying so hard to appeal to kids), it's still cute.
    9. He works hard on his own inventions.

    Qualities that Are Not A Genius

    1. In older apps, he was very unlikable.
      • In Talking Ben the Dog, the app centered around him, he is seen ignoring the player while reading the newspaper, shamelessly burping in the reader's face, throwing the can of beans on the floor and throwing apple juice in the glass. In Talking Tom Cat 2, he is seen farting in front of Tom, smearing Tom's face with chocolate cake, scaring him by bursting a bag, hitting Tom with a pillow and watching him through the window, which makes him very obnoxious. and he is actually the antagonist of the last game! Fortunately, he has redeemed himself since 2015.
    2. Although his voice was originally good, it seemed too low, and even a little scary (especially for children), both in this game and in Talking Friends.
    3. Ben is quite grumpy, and that's never changed, although that's his charm.
    4. Like the other characters, his original game didn't have much to do. It has also been slightly flanderized since 2017, and the T5 design is horrible, albeit cute.
    5. He dates Xenon in TTAF, and that's zoophilia because Xenon IS HUMAN!


    • Ben's voice actor, James Adomian, also voices the MC, Dr. Technology, McGillicuddy, and Ginger's classmate Ronnie Bergstedt.
    • He is right-handed.

    Confirmed in "Assertive App", he is 22 years of age.

    • However, in Talking Angela, Angela claims Ben is 43 years of age. This was likely changed to make Tom and Ben's meeting make more sense.
    • His favorite movie is "Science: The Movie". As for his favorite amusement park, "The Enchanted Headache".
    • His favorite type of ice cream is strawberry ice cream, similar as Angela's.
    • In "A Secret Worth Keeping", he reveals that he is not good at keeping secrets.
    • Autumn Summers once mistook his name as "Bentucius" in the episode "Fancy Party".
    • While Ben was shown to be taller than Tom in the earlier seasons, the later seasons reversed it with Tom being taller than him.
    • In an old, now private YouTube video on the official Talking Tom & Friends YouTube channel, Ben rejected dating Kim Kardashian twice, possibly due to him being lazy to accept her.
    • According to Talking Friends Cartoons, on his bad days, he eats chicken tortilla rolls to calm himself.
    • The text on the bean cans that Ben often eats are in Russian. This suggests that he might be Russian or he just went to Russia before.
    • In "Ping Pong Wizard", it is revealed that he has a strange obsession with Ping Pong and Foosball.
    • Ben always eats a large number of snacks every time when he is sad or his inventions failing.
    • The nickname "Ben Prime" does not refer to a non-Talking Tom & Friends-related character, Ben Tennyson.
    • According to the Talking Tom & Friends website, his birthday is 5 September.
    • According to the 2015 Outfit7 website, Ben holds the record for "most adorable dog in the world".
    • As seen in "Assertive App", the password he gave his computer is "Kayak22".


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