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    Beast Megatron
    "Megatron! Terrorize!" "Now... obliterate them!" "Yesssss..."
    Gender: Male
    Type: Vile, yet Hilarious Villain
    Age: Immortal
    Species: Cybertronian
    Portrayed by: David Kaye
    Status: Deceased
    Media of origin: Beast Wars: Transformers

    Beast Megatron is the leader of the Predacons and the main antagonist of the Beast Era of the Transformers Franchise and a major antagonist in the rest of the franchise. He is the descendant of the original G1 Megatron and transforms into a purple Tyrannosaurus Rex.

    Why He's Both Alpha AND Omega, Yes

    1. Megatron from the Beast Era is without a doubt one of the absolute best versions of the Megatron in the entire series.
    2. He is absolutely hilarious, making him very entertaining as a character.
    3. His designs throughout the series are very cool and diverse.
      • In Beast Wars,
        • He has his original T-Rex design which is memorable and cool-looking. Plus, the idea of making the T-Rex head his hand/weapon is just plain awesome.
        • His Transmetal design is shinier and slightly more robotic with a flight mode.
        • His Transmetal 2 design shows him able to transform into a gigantic, deadly red dragon that looks purely menacing. His robot mode also looks just as striking and intimidating.
    4. Much like Big Jack Horner, he is a very memorable character.
    5. He is an extremely smart mastermind.
      • Speaking of smart, he uses his own minion's treachery to benefit himself and sometimes to put them back in line.
    6. He's one of the few villains in the franchise to truly succeed in many of his plans.
      • While G1 Megatron may have been a classic and iconic villain, we can't deny that he isn't really a competent one (even with his good Tech Specs). He is a Saturday Morning villain who constantly fails in what he wants to do, but at least he still has some charisma and awesomeness to make him iconic.
      • Of course, the live action movie version of the character never managed to succeed in most of his goals despite his determination. However, this is more of the writers not giving him a proper spotlight rather than it being the character's fault.
    7. His rivalry with Optimus Primal is as iconic as the rivalry between the original Optimus Prime and Megatron.
    8. He has a good origin story on where he found and stole the Golden Disk in The Theft of The Golden Disk.
    9. David Kaye does an amazing job voicing him. Compared to other Megatron voices, he has a more formal and professional way of speaking.
    10. His iconic quote, "Yessssss!"
    11. His toy versions are great.
      • In recent years, we have been getting new figures of this Megatron that are more accurate to the actual designs seen in the series.

    Bad Qualities, No

    1. He was sadly derailed from a smart mastermind into a stereotypical fanboy in Netflix's War For Cybertron Trilogy, though he massively redeemed himself in the comic book reboot Beast Wars (2021).
    2. He lost his humor in Beast Machines, and he somehow hates organic life without any explanation and tries to rid the organic part of him when he could've easily just SCANNED a mechanical alt-mode.


    • His line "Yes" became a meme.
    • David Kaye would later voice the original Megatron in the Unicron Trilogy, he also voiced Optimus Prime in Transformers: Animated.
    • Beast Megatron is jokingly compared to Barney the Dinosaur, as they are both purple T-Rexes.


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