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    who pays their taxes? NOT BATMAN!

    Batman, also known as Bruce Wayne, Batman (real name Bruce Wayne) is, the overall deuteragonist of The Lego Movie franchise. He is one of, the two tritagonists (alongside Vitruvius) of The Lego Movie, one of the three main protagonists (alongside Wyldstyle and Gandalf) of Lego Dimensions, the titular main protagonist of The Lego Batman Movie, and the deuteragonist of The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part. He is a character in the DC Extended Universe, having debuted in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. He is portrayed by Ben Affleck. He has been unlikeable since a couple movies, however. This is his improvement.

    Why He's The Batman

    1. He is pretty much a nice take on the Adam West Batman.
    2. His voice acting his pretty awesome.
    3. Him being almost a father to Robin is heartwarming.
    4. Just like some lonely kids out there watching him being sad of his family dying can really be a really understandable pain since we don't want anyone to die in our life.
    5. He is very funny like with the 9 pack and all those other jokes.
    6. His song Who's the (Bat)Man contains a bunch of actions and a heavy guitar metal beat making it so bad it's good.
    7. Having a minifigure toy of him is actually a very fun toy for videos like it got separated belt unlike the other LEGO Batman figures.
    8. He actually cares about the Joker which is probably why Joker became his main villain in the comics but it's a great way to start a foeship.
    9. He once gave a bunch of kids his merch in the movie which is pretty kind.
    10. He has great chemistry with not only the Justice League, but also with Emmet, Lucy, Vitruvius, Unikitty, Benny, and Metalbeard.

    Bad Qualities

    1. His password "Iron Man Sucks", while amusing, can be offensive to some Iron Man fans.
    2. He thinks not wearing seat belts is a good idea when it's not.
    3. His cocky and self-centered demeanor can be annoying at times.
    4. Prior to their breakup, Batman is known to not show up on dates with Lucy despite being her boyfriend.
    5. Before his development, he acted very cold to those around him and wanted to do things by himself instead of as a team.
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