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    Barney the Dinosaur (seasons 1-8)

    Barney the Dinosaur
    Gender: Male
    Type: Kind-hearted Purple Dinosaur
    Age: Over 200 million years old (impressive, even for a dinosaur)
    Species: Tyrannosaurus Rex
    Portrayed by: Costume actor:
    David Voss (1988-1991)
    David Joyner (1991-2001, 1991-2005 for live performances)
    Carey Stinson (1991-2013, 2019)
    Voice actor:
    Bob West (1988-2000, 2005)
    Alan Bruce (1994, understudy)
    David Franks (1996-1998)
    Duncan Brannan (1997-2002)
    Tim Dever (1999-2002)
    Dean Wendt (2001-2014, 2019)
    Unknown Stand-In Actors (Barney Live! World Tour - A Celebration, Fisher-Price toys)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Barney & Friends

    Barney the Dinosaur is the main protagonist of Barney & Friends and a two hundred million year (two dinosaur years) old, six-foot tall, purple tyrannosaurus rex with a green belly and green spots on his back and his tail and yellow toes. He comes to life through a child's imagination. He is best known for his silly and optimistic attitude. This page only focuses on his beginning years from 1988-2004 (the Lyons/Lyrick era and two HiT era seasons), when he used to be a good character.

    Why He Was Stu-u-u-pendous

    1. Barney was greatly created by Sheryl Leach, as one of the most historical PBS Kids characters in history (alongside Thomas the Tank Engine).
    2. His design is passable, as he looks like the friendly dinosaur he is. His mini-doll form is also pretty cute.
    3. Bob West, Duncan Brannan and Tim Dever did a great job voicing him.
    4. He was a very appealing role model for little kids with his friendly and optimistic personality.
    5. He is very intelligent and caring for a dinosaur like him. As he promotes strong positive messages about friendship, teamwork, cultural appreciation, and problem-solving. He also emphasizes active play, making him seem like a charming counselor.
    6. He encourages kids to stay active, by playing and singing catchy songs.
    7. He's a great friend and mentor to Baby Bop (green) and BJ (yellow).
    8. Everyone who voiced him like David Voss, David Joyner, and Carey Stinson did a good job wearing the Barney suit, as their movements were amazing and fitted Barney very well.
    9. He helped kids with serious issues, such as disabilities. He helped out a kid who was deaf and wears a hearing aid, and he helped another who had Down syndrome.
    10. He has some funny moments here and there.
    11. Barney is one of the most positive-thinking characters not just from PBS Kids, but from the entire history of preschool TV.
    12. He also made his live appearance in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, along with bringing his own balloon self from 1994 until 2005. and the orchestra rendition of Barney Theme Song and I Love You were amazing and very incredible score, except for that one incident for his balloon self in 1997.

    Bad Qualities

    1. In seasons 3, his show declined slightly, but he is still likable. Though the decline didn't become noticeable until Season 9.
    2. His constant laughing and singing can become repetitive, especially due to his goofy-sounding voice.
    3. He can be annoying sometimes, mainly while singing the "I Love You" song at the end of most episodes.
    4. Sometimes he says he loves children to such an excessive degree that he can act quite...well, you get what this means.
    5. His mini-doll form from the first season can be considered as "creepy" because of the eyes, but luckily it was improved in the second season.
    6. Since 2004, he hasn't been as interesting as he used to be.
    7. He was hated by many people even before he was flanderized, mainly due to his voice and sappy dialogue that was designed for toddlers.
    8. Josh Martin and Maurice Scott, while still good, did a mediocre job wearing the Barney suit as their movements weren't good as David Voss, David Joyner, and Carey Stinson's movements and didn't fit Barney very well.
    9. He has a horrible redesign in the 2024 reboot, and if we don't do anything, Nelvana could do a horrible reboot of his series, although unlikely because of how good the company is.


    • Barney is jokingly compared to Beast Megatron, as they are both purple T-Rexes.


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