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    Minion Pigs
    Gender: Male
    Type: Dimwitted Yet Likable Henchmen
    Species: Pig
    Portrayed by: Juilan Gant (The Angry Birds Movie)

    Steve Alterman (The Angry Birds Movie)

    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Angry Birds
    First appearance: Angry Birds (2009)

    The Minion Pigs are characters that appear in the Angry Birds series. They are pigs and a part of the Piggy Kingdom, as well as a minion on Golden Island.

    Why They Are Far From Bad

    1. While the birds see them as bad, they are not bad after all. They're only doing what King Pig wants them to do, who the real villain is.
    2. Aside from some pigs being selfish and greedy, most of them are kind, fun-loving, and goofy.
    3. Their stupidity is fun to watch.
    4. They are also very loyal to their boss and seem to work very hard.
    5. Their designs are very great.
    6. Their voice actors did a good job voicing them.
    7. They are also one of the funniest henchmen.

    Moments They Were Bad

    1. They seem to get hurt and bullied a lot. Notable examples include Helmet Pig bullying them and them getting attacked by the birds.
    2. As said before, some pigs can be greedy and selfish.
    3. Their stupidity can be annoying at times.
    4. They can sometimes be annoying, (or depending on your view scary and creepy because of the scary and creepy music, for example, Angry Birds Space, Star Wars.) if you fail a level, they laugh at the player for failing and there lack of skills.


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