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    Baby Bop the Dinosaur (Barney & Friends, seasons 1-8)

    Baby Bop the Dinosaur (Seasons 1-2)
    Oh Goody Goddy! *laughs*
    Gender: Female
    Type: "A Friendly and Lovable green baby dinosaur"
    Age: 2 (before "Look at Me, I'm 3!")
    3 (since "Look at Me, I'm 3!")
    Species: Dinosaur
    Portrayed by: Costume actor:
    Dao Knight (1991)
    Jenny Dempsey (1992-1993)
    Jeff Ayers (1993-2008)
    Jennifer Romano (1999-2000)
    Jennifer Kendall (2004 & 2008)
    Lauren Mayeux (2008-2011)
    Voice actor:
    Julie Johnson (1991–2011)
    Carol Farabee (1993-1994)
    Unknown Stand-In Actors (Barney Live! World Tour - A Celebration, Fisher-Price toys)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Barney & Friends

    Baby Bop the Dinosaur is a main recurring character of Barney & Friends and a 3-year-old, 5.7-foot tall, green Triceratops rex with a purple belly and purple spots on her back and her tail, and wears pink shoes. Like Barney and her brother, BJ, she comes to life through a child's imagination. She is best known for her shy and ecstatic attitude, she is sometimes often appears with her blankey (blanket), This page only focuses on her beginning years from 1991 to 1994, when she used to be a good character.

    Why She Was Super Dee Duper

    1. She is a really cute character, as her design is very passable, looking like the cute and friendly dinosaur she is.
    2. She has a different personality, whereas Barney is outgoing but down-to-earth, Baby Bop is very shy but can be ecstatic at times due to her young age.
    3. She promotes strong positive messages about friendship, teamwork, cultural appreciation and problem solving. She also emphasizes active play.
    4. She encourages kids to stay active, by playing and singing catchy songs.
    5. She's a great friend to her mentor, Barney, and is there to follow his good advice and helps him out in fun activities.
    6. She is a good younger sister to her big brother, BJ (yellow), and they both have a good sibling bond, and she loves him very much.
    7. Dao Knight, Jenny Dempsey, and Jeff Ayers did a good job wearing the Baby Bop suit, as their movements were amazing and fitted Baby Bop very well.
    8. Julie Johnson and Carol Farabee did a good job voicing her.
    9. Like Barney, Baby Bop helps out many kids, including ones with serious issues, such as disability. She helped out the kid who was deaf and wears a hearing aid, and she helped another who had down syndrome.
    10. She has some funny moments here and there.
    11. She's one of the most positive characters in the show, thanks to her young age and fun personality.

    Bad Qualities

    1. After Season 8, she became horribly flanderized; she and BJ began needing Barney's help with learning morals and even forgot how to count in "Counting".
    2. Even before her flanderization completely ruined her character, she had already become braver in Season 3, almost to the point of being a Mary Sue. She still managed to avoid being unlikeable.
    3. Even before she was flanderized, she can be annoying sometimes, mainly while singing the "I Love You" song at times when she's with Barney and/or BJ.
    4. She can be very unlikeable at times before she was flanderized.
      • She at times argues with BJ, which is sometimes petty, considering they are siblings and shouldn't set a bad example for them.


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