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    Austin Moon and Ally Dawson

    Austin Moon and Ally Dawson
    This is an awesome Disney couple, so it's decided that they should be on this wiki together!
    Gender: Male (Austin)
    Female (Ally)
    Type: Good couple and great musicians
    Age: 15-16 (season 1)
    16-17 (season 2)
    17-18 (season 3)
    18-19 (season 4)
    33 (series finale)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Ross Lynch (Austin)
    Laura Marano (Ally)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Austin & Ally
    First appearance: Rockers & Writers
    Last appearance: Duets & Destiny

    Austin: "Ally, when I first meet you, I had no idea that you’d be the best thing that ever happened to me. I can’t imagine my life without you. I love you Ally."
    Ally: "I love you too Austin."
    ― Austin and Ally confessing their love for each other.

    Austin Moon and Ally Dawson are best friends, loving couple, and the titular characters from the Disney Channel series Austin & Ally. They are also the main couple of the series, called Auslly.


    Austin is a carefree teenager who loves music and loves to have fun. He is not quite fond of following rules and will often break them if it means having fun. Austin isn't the brightest in the bunch, and he can sometimes be a slightly massive air-head, also like Dez Wade, he can be very immature, like laughing at fart sounds or childish things. However, through everything he does, Austin always has good intentions and is a very caring person. Austin cares a lot for his friends and is very loyal to them. He also has a very sweet and kind heart and is very respectful to the people he encounters. Despite his kindness and loyalty, he has trouble expressing his emotions and can be very indecisive about things. Additionally, Austin has a tendency to get jealous when others get what he wants.

    Ally is a kind, smart, cute, adorable, adorkable, baby-licious, sweet, and talented girl. She is shown to be awkward, optimistic, compassionate, romantic, patient, and very friendly. In the first season, Ally is introduced as a shy, dorky girl with incredible musical talent, but no confidence to push her enough to show it. She has old-fashioned, somewhat unconventional hobbies, such as cloud watching, practicing calligraphy, basket weaving, and watching old historical movies.

    Still, Ally has a fire in her, as she displays traits of perfectionism and has a competitive nature. As Season 2 came, she's shown to be more confident in herself, soon shedding her stage fright in Chapters & Choices and becoming more comfortable on stage and performing. Ally's grown to be more outgoing, stylish, self-assured and opinionated. She refuses to let emotions get the better of her and has a more on-task nature. In Season 3, she becomes even more confident and mature at the same time.

    Ally learns to stand up for herself and never give up, facing all the problems she encounters. She's a sweet girl and always tries her best to not hurt anyone's feelings. Ally always tries her best at everything and she never quits what she starts, even when she is scared or frightened.

    Ally believes everyone deserves a second chance, since everyone has goodness inside of them. This was the main reason why she and Austin became partners.

    Why They Rock (Austin and Ally: 🎶And We’ll Keep Rocki~ng, Oh!🎶)

    1. They are both very likable and hilarious characters and have very different personalities and work together very well with each other and their friends as a team.
      • Austin is an outgoing, confident, and talented singer, but he is also friendly and trusting.
      • Ally is smart and is an amazing songwriter and singer, who has former stage fright, and is quiet and shy, but also friendly and trusting.
    2. Ross Lynch and Laura Marano did an amazing job playing as them.
    3. They both help each other and their friends out on serious problems, such as bullying, the emotional effects of a bad review online and legally framing people.
    4. They both work on amazing songs together, where Ally writes and Austin performs. After Ally gets over her stage fright, she sings too and now both of them are mostly singing songs together, which is great.
    5. How Austin and Ally grow up and how they carry out their aspirations and follow their dreams in season 4 was amazing.
    6. They both have very emotional moments, such as when they have an argument (along with Trish and Dez) and separate purely out of fear of missing each other.
    7. As the titular main characters of the show, they are good role models for aspiring children and teenagers who are interested in creative hobbies and jobs, such as directing and music.
    8. These characters really show how they feels to be performing under a famous record label.
    9. These characters help teach kids about life lessons, like how to handle relationships, especially theirs, whenever they have unhonesty with each other and/or their friends, and whenever they both have self-esteem.
      • They are also good at teaching survival skills, such as avoiding a bear depending on its color, which actually helped them save a girl's life.
    10. They both have funny moments, such as...
      • When they (along with Trish and Dez) find out that Tilly Thompson has disguised herself as multiple characters, including a baby, one of them question Tilly on if that baby was actually her, then Tilly says "WAAH! WAHH! BURP ME!" in a threatening manner.
      • Ally's ridiculous dance.
      • Austin hugging a vat of ice cream.
    11. They are both very good friends, as Austin and Dez, and Ally and Trish, are both very believable friendship duos, and usually help each other out in many situations.
    12. They care about their families very much, like how Austin worked at his parents’ store to not let them down, and how Ally didn't want to tell her dad that his date has a very misbehaved child, and didn't want to make him sad.
    13. These characters are the main couple of the series, called Auslly, and is amazing and adorable, as they have many great and heartwarming moments, manage to be together forever at the end of the series and have a happy family and future together, with their adorable children, Ava and Alex.
    14. They, next to Phineas and Ferb, are probably Disney Channel’s most memorable duo.
    15. They are also Disney Channel’s most memorable couple.

    Bad Qualities

    1. The love triangle between them and Kira, and how fickle Austin was during the triangle got annoying fast.
    2. Although they are both great characters, they can also be very unlikable sometimes:
      • Austin can be egotistical, annoyingly fickle, as mentally dense as Dez and just straight up shallow and sexist. For example, when Dez shows Austin a picture of a girl named Piper in her nerd phase, Austin looks disgusted. But minutes later, he is dating the now-prettier Piper and when she finds out about all of this, she says she doesn't want to go out with a guy that shallow. Austin then openly admits that he is not shallow, he just "likes pretty girls". Thankfully, he realizes that it sounded bad seconds after.
      • Ally can be annoyingly nerdy and was painfully awkward when talking to her ex-crush Dallas. The writers try to make it come off as funny but it just comes off as cringey.
    3. In the episode "Real Life & Reel Life" both Austin and Ally (mostly Austin) were incredibly immature, acting like huge babies about keeping secrets from each other.



    • Austin seems to be quite strong. In "Everglades and Ally-Gators", he managed to push the door shut on a giant Alligator (Big Mama). In "Magazines and Made-Up Stuff", he was able to break a wooden board on his first attempt. In Girlfriends and Girl Friends he was able to enter a tug of war with a muscular man.
    • The lowest grade Ally ever got in school was a 92% on a biology final her junior year.



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