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    "Who's that girl next door, living in the haunted mansion? -You better know my name, cuz i'm A-ashley."
    Gender: Female
    Type: Admirable witch girl
    Age: 15
    Species: Human, Witch
    Portrayed by: Christine Peyser
    Erica Lindbeck (2018-present)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: WarioWare

    Ashley is one of the main characters from the WarioWare franchise. She first appeared in WarioWare: Touched! (2004).


    WarioWare: Touched (2004)

    Ashley was first shown in her mansion with Red, trying to finish a potion - And failing at it. Disappointed, she and Red take a walk outside, where he assures her that she'll get things right on the next try. Shortly after, Orbulon's Oinker crash-lands, and the alien comes running towards the two, bumping into Ashley and knocking her over. Ashley glares at him, scaring Orbulon into running off, apologizing as he does so. Concerned, Red asks Ashley if she's alright, to which she replies - "That alien is the missing ingredient!" Hearing this, Red chases after Orbulon, although the alien escapes him. Depressed, Red returns to Ashley, who accepts his apology and says that she'll just use him as a replacement ingredient.


    In a micro-game, Ashley and Red are once again in Ashley's mansion (now called Ashley's house,) and are sitting on the floor. Ashley, using a magnifying glass, reads a page of a large spell book, giving a glance to Red, who magically turns into her magic wand. Grabbing the wand, Ashley stands before a potted sprout, sending a zap of magic. After the magic hits, the sprout turns into a small flower, much to Ashley's annoyance. The large spell book floats above her, telling her that it might just be able to help. After the player finishes Ashley's micro-games, the book tells Ashley to try again. Using the spell once more, the sprout turns into a large Venus flytrap and bursts through the mansion's roof. Red (now turned back to normal) is terrified and hides behind Ashley's back - Ashley smiles at her successful result.

    WarioWare: Smooth Moves (2006)

    Ashley and Red are making the potion brewing. In the next scene, Ashley and Red are riding on a broom and landed on the moon. Red was afraid of heights but the moon saved him. in their dreams, Ashley woke up abruptly and saw the moon. Red was sleeping during the next scene. She also tells the audience to be silent so they won't wake him up. In "The Loquacious Spell Book", there are four candles as a lifeline. When a micro-game is completed, Abysmal will become excited and dance in joy. When a micro-game is uncompleted, Abysmal will become enraged with explosion-shaped eyes and steam coming out of its head and scream. Doing so might blow out one of the candles and poofs itself away.

    After the Micro-game Mix, Ashley spotted a plant with just 2 leaves. She struck lightning on the plant and it becomes a monster. Red comes back to his original form and falls down, worrying that the mansion will explode with rose stems all over the place. Down in the basement, Red shivers in fear, but Ashley smiles thinking it wasn't so bad.

    Ashley's Theme

    In WarioWare: Touched!, Ashley's level has her theme song as background music. This song is also in the WarioWare, Inc. stage of Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and in the Gamer stage of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, although the lyrics were slightly changed.

    WarioWare: D.I.Y.

    The duo stars in a film named Magical Witch Ashley. It shows the pair looking off into the sky. If the player fails, Ashley turns to the screen wearing a mask, scaring Red. If the player passes a micro-game, some shooting stars are seen. This is shown to indeed be a film, as a bunch of ghosts with cameras show up when the player gets a Game Over. Ashley is also shown in a mask store that she owns whenever the player beats a boss micro-game; her expression depends on the number of masks, which is chosen randomly. If there are only a few masks, Ashley's expression may appear normal or disappointed. If there are a lot, Ashley smiles.

    Ashley's records are usually peaceful, romantic, or very cheerful, and are generally described as the kind the player wants to sing to. While this seems uncharacteristic for her, Ashley usually has a snide comment in the record's description. (For example, City Nights, a peppy city music-like song, has her comment "Cityscape at night? Big deal.") She is also a fan of Sekaiichi Asaruka's comics, due to their creepy tone. Her micro-game set is themed around food.

    Ashley, with Jimmy T., 9-Volt, Orbulon, and Mona, apparently left WarioWare, Inc. to work for Diamond Software in this game. Though the reason they switched companies is unknown, various residents of Diamond City consider possibilities in the D.I.Y. Forums feature of the game. One reason is that Diamond Software may actually pay them.

    Game & Wario

    During her game: 'Ashley', she is flipping through some old books when she comes across a picture of a evil tentacle monster, and Ashley imagines what it would be like to control the monster. With some help from Red, he changes into her signature wand and readies the spell. Just as she is about to cast it, a gust of wind turns the page at the last second and is teleported into the book, but instead of a tentacle-monster like she hoped, Ashley and Red are teleported to a wonderland of sugary sweets. This makes Red excited, but Ashley is disgusted by the sight of it and Red transforms into a broom to transport Ashley home.

    WarioWare Gold

    She is the second opponent of the Twist League, along with Red. Her game starts with her summoning a demon named Gahrumble, who states his hunger (with grunting noises). This causes Red to explain the reason for his hunger being the work of Hum Gree, who constantly eats yet is never satisfied. Ashley decides to go into Gahrumble's world to stop Hum Gree, which Red reluctantly agrees to doing by turning into a broom. Ashley succeeds and Hum Gree no longer craves all the food in the land. It ends with Red ready to eat. She is also part of the Potluck Gang in the Ultra League.

    WarioWare: Get It Together!

    WarioWare: Move It!

    Why She's A REAL Witch

    1. Her original design looks very impressive and cute as she does a lot of magical potions to get the prize of her being the best witch, while usually she doesn't fail at all, especially her long black hair which is cute.
      • The clothes she wears are inspirations such as Kyle Bloodworth from the Nickelodeon's 2009 CGI animated TV Series "Fanboy & Chum-Chum" (Although the show looks awful to see).
      • And keep in mind that she doesn't fail at any potion system.
    2. In the Boss Stage of WarioWare Gold, the animation when her hair turns from black to white looks similar to the super saiyans from the Dragon Ball Franchise.
      • And not to mention that in BQ#1 got a big sue.
    3. Her best helper "Red" can always be very funny at doing her works of magical potions.
    4. Her design in the then-latest WarioWare game called "WarioWare: Get it Together!" looks like a big inspiration to a Chibi character.
    5. Oftwntimes, she can be very funny at times in every game of the WarioWare franchise.
    6. In the 2018 game mentioned in WSARW#3, when she invented the evil eating monster, the design of it looks good.
    7. While in the moments in other WarioWare games, she's very good at magic.
    8. Her song, Ashley's song, is so awesome and catchy.
    9. Christine Peyser does a great job voicing her.
      • Erica Lindbeck does a great job voicing her, with her providing a almost deep and monotone voice.
    10. In Super Mario Maker 2, she appears as a Mystery Mushroom costume that Mario can wear.

    Bad Qualities

    1. The transformation of the Boss Stage in WarioWare Gold looks like a big rip-off to the Saiyans from the Dragon Ball franchise.
    2. Sometimes, she can be very grumpy at times, most of the time, just like Amanda Banshee from The Wacky World of Tex Avery.
    3. In each cut scene of each game, she can always be a huge mary sue.
    4. Her being fifteen can be confusing, as she is short, and doesn't have her parents around and she didn't go to school.
      • Her redesign, despite being great and cute, makes her look like a little girl, especially since she is now smaller
    5. Sometimes, she does have some villainous moments in the game.


    • Her appereances in the first game looks different than the appereances of the late games of the late 2010s.



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