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    Asha (Wish)
    🎶"So I make this wish, to have something more for us than this!"🎶
    Gender: Female
    Type: Selfless Savior
    Age: 17
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Ariana DeBose
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Wish
    First appearance: Once Upon a Studio

    Asha is the protagonist of Disney's 2023 2D-traditional/3D-computer-animated hybrid feature film Wish. She is a witty and optimistic 17-year-old girl from the kingdom of Rosas, who sees a darkness in her kingdom that no one else can see and whose impassioned plea brings down an actual Star.


    Asha was born in Rosas to a philosopher named Tomás and a seamstress named Sakina. Growing up, Asha would hear her father lecture her on stars and how they were connected to all living things. When Asha was eleven years old, Asha met Dahlia, a ten-year-old girl who would become the royal baker, six years before the start of the film while chasing a mischievous goat that stole cookies Dahlia had personally baked for the queen. Upon rescuing the cookies, Asha and Dahlia shared a broken extra one and Dahlia realized she had made a friend. Later, when Asha was twelve years old, her father passed away from an unknown illness, leaving her to be raised by her mother and paternal grandfather, Sabino.

    By the time she turned seventeen years old, Asha began working as a tour guide, welcoming travelers and immigrants to the kingdom of Rosas.


    Asha is an energetic, passionate girl who is very proud of her kingdom's history and traditions. As a tour guide, Asha is very welcoming towards people of different backgrounds and does everything to make them feel accepted into the kingdom of Rosas. In the beginning, Asha held a high opinion of King Magnifico, and his powers of granting wishes like everyone else in Rosas. However, upon hearing Magnifico's refusal to grant her grandfather's wish and discovering the king to grant wishes that benefits only to himself, Asha's opinions of him changed as she realized Magnifico had become corrupted over the years of maintaining power and magic over Rosas. This caused Asha to begin opposing the king where she sought to change her kingdom's lifestyle for everyone's well-being and happiness.

    At her core, Asha is a very compassionate and selfless girl, who cares very deeply about her family, friends, and to her entire community. Her caring nature, as stated by Dahlia, can be a weakness, as it did let Asha get into trouble when she started opposing Magnifico, endangering not only her life, but her loved ones. However, Asha's love, selflessness, and kind nature is also her greatest strength as her desires to help her people and loved ones, not only managed to summon Star to help improve the lifestyle of Rosas but change the kingdom's society for the best by allowing people to be able to make their wishes come true with no limits or expectations.

    Why She Makes This Wish

    1. For starters, she is a great protagonist, as she is a very witty, optimistic, relatable, resilient, respectful, and bubbly 17-year-old girl who lives in the kingdom of Rosas.
    2. She has believable motives. For example, she wants to get her grandfather, Sabino, who is turning 100, to grant his wish from King Magnifico.
      • She also senses a darkness in Rosas and discovers a little star named Star. Sound familiar?
    3. She alongside Valentino and Star plan on defeating King Magnifico to get the wishes and make them granted. In the ending, she gets a job of the Fairy Godmother.
    4. She cares about her family and friends a lot, seeing how she manages to get Sabino's wish back, and there are many scenes where she shows she cares about her friends, such as:
      • The first scene of her and her friends shows that she cares about them.
    5. Ariana DeBose does an excellent job voicing her.
      • It is also her first animated role in a movie.
        • Her singing voice is also beautiful to listen to.
    6. Her trinamic with Valentino and Star is excellent and interesting to watch.
      • Valentino is also Asha's pet goat.
    7. She has some cool powers here and there when she uses the staff that Star made for her.
      • Star also makes another magic wand for her in the ending.
    8. Asha can be quite funny at times.
      • There was a scene where she tells Valentino and Star to stay in the room, but he doesn't want to stay in it is pretty hilarious.
      • She tries to hide Valentino, Star, and the chickens singing.
      • Gabo tells her "What are you, five?"
    9. She has a great, cool, and awesome moment of her rallying her friends (plus the queen) to defeat King Magnifico.
    10. The concept of a girl who wants to get her grandfather's wish granted and be a king's appearance, is interesting.
    11. Her design is just flat-out beautiful, and her long, black dreadlocks of hair is a great addition to her character.
    12. She is an Afro-Latina, which is a first for Disney.
    13. Overall, Asha is an excellent combination of Rapunzel, Anna, and Moana.


    • The name "Asha" is of Arabic origin. Meaning "Alive and Well". But has several meanings depending on the language. There are also two meanings in the following languages:
      • One is in Hindi, from the Sanskrit "आशा" (āśā) meaning "desire", "wish", or "hope", which seems to be closely linked to the feature film.
      • The other is in Swahili meaning "life".
      • In addition, the name also comes from a very popular old Spanish song from Andalusia that dates back to the year 800 AD in the 9th century called "Tres morillas". The song mentions three names, one of them being Asha. The other two were Fátima and Marién.
    • During her design, Asha was rumored to be a princess.
      • In an interview with Animation Scoop, director Chris Buck confirmed that Asha is not part of royalty, which is why she is not a princess and is not part of the royal family.
        • However, she was interviewed to become the King’s apprentice, which meant that if she were hired instead of denied, she would be training to become a future leader or successor.
    • She is the first and only character in Once Upon a Studio to debut before the movie.
    • Asha's theme park character appearance made her reveal at Destination D23 at Disney's Contemporary Resort on September 10, 2023. Her appearance in the parks have yet to be confirmed.
    • Asha is Disney's first Afro-Iberian heroine to headline a feature film.
    • Asha's cloak during the time she was wanted and her magic wand at the film's ending resemble that of Cinderella's Fairy Godmother.
    • When Star offers Asha the magic wand he created at the film's ending, she says "Thank you, but no thank you." This could be a reference to the 2021 Disney/Pixar film Luca, where the titular character says the same thing to Alberto Scorfano.
    • When Star flies around Asha to add white sparkles on her hair and dress at the film's ending, her transformation pose is a reference to Cinderella's ballgown transformation, which Walt Disney considered his favorite piece of animation.


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