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    Arthur Morgan (Red Dead Redemption 2)

    "Don't let your kids watch it!" - Robbie Rotten

    This article contains potentially sensitive content that may be discomforting or upsetting to certain users. Reader discretion is advised!

    Reason: Mature themes will be mentioned; particularly due to the intense violence.

    Arthur Morgan
    "When the time comes, you better run and don't look back. Because you know it's over."
    Gender: Male
    Type: Tragic Criminal
    Age: 36
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Roger Clark
    Status: Deceased
    Media of origin: Red Dead Redemption 2

    "John made it. He's the only one. Rest of us... no. But... I tried. In the end... I did."

    Arthur's last words. (High honor)

    "Micah: You're not better than me, Morgan.
    Arthur: Whatever you say, you fool.
    Micah: Damn you...
    Arthur: DAMN US BOTH!

    Arthur's last words. (Low honor)

    Arthur Morgan is the main protagonist of the 2018 video game, Red Dead Redemption 2. He was lead enforcer of the Van der Linde gang who begins to have doubts about his loyalty to the gang's leader, Dutch van der Linde. He is voiced and portrayed by Roger Clark.

    Why He Rocks, Boah!

    1. Ever since Arthur was first revealed in the teaser, players were rather disappointed when they won't be playing as John in majority of the game. But the way Arthur was written and characterized, his sense of dignity/morals, his sarcastic, cold, ruthless but playful personality makes him one of the most well-written characters in the game.
      • It can be arguable that he is more memorable than John Marston.
    2. He and John Marston are really fun to watch and they make a great duo.
    3. He has memorable quotes:
      • "LENNNYYYY!!!!"
      • "Out of the damn way!"
      • "Vengeance is an fool's game."
      • "You're gonna sleep with your chest open if you ain't careful, boy."
      • "Forgive me if I slip and stab you in the face."
      • "You, sir, are a fish."
      • "There's always a goddamn train."
      • "It all makes sense now."
      • "All of you, you pick your side now, because this is over."
      • "You gotta run and don't look back. Because it's over."
    4. Whenever he commits a crime, he finds out what went wrong with his actions, then tried to make Dutch come to his senses that his plans can get everyone in the Van der Linde gang killed.
      • Arthur knew already he didn't want to do any of this killings in favor of the gang's survival, but couldn't due to Dutch's irresponsibility and Micah's manipulation. Arthur becomes concerned that Dutch is no longer the man he knew, as he is becoming insular, abandons their ideals, and murders Cornwall. After Dutch leaves him for dead, any little shred of faith and loyalty Arthur had left for Dutch had finally been broken.
    5. He may have tragically lost his wife, his son, and some of his gang members, but he never stopped smiling, knowing he'll be dead and join them eventually.
    6. He is also really hilarious, sometimes a wisecracker, he makes a lot of clever jokes, even with his dry sense of humor.
    7. Roger Clark did an amazing performance in both portraying him via motion capturing him and voicing him.
    8. The mission "Money Lending and Other Sins III" is a major turning point for Arthur, as he confronts Thomas Downes for the debt he owed to Strauss, in which he has no money. Arthur threatens and physically assaults him, but Downes coughs in his mouth and gives him tuberculosis, When taken to the clinic, Arthur learns from the doctor that he has contracted the afore mentioned, which is terminal and will ultimately kill him. This leads to a turning point in Arthur's life, making him decide who he wants to be in the time he has left.
    9. His death is very heartbreaking, where he succumbs to his injuries and disease, dying peacefully while watching the sunrise.
    10. He may have failed to stop Micah Bell, but he sacrificed himself to save John and made him into the badass cowboy that we all know and love from the first game.
    11. He did have a point that revenge is very foolish to do:
      • Going after Angelo Bronte after he and the gang were tricked into robbing his bank with less money. And the death of Bronte resulted in the end of Lenny and Hosea, and the cause of Dutch's downward spiral into villainy, all the while...
      • ...Bell had been doing the dirty work of the Pinkertons in secret, which lead into the gang's demise, left Arthur to die (killed by Bell in player choice), and had John finish Bell off to avenge his death 8 years later.
      • Ever since Edgar Ross, the first game's main antagonist found the corpse of Bell, he had been watching John from the shadows until it was time to execute the remaining members of the Van Der Linde gang, including John himself.
      • Three years after John's death, his son Jack went and hunted down the man who killed his father. And after he shot Ross in the end, it was already confirmed that Jack went against his late father's as well as Arthur's wishes: becoming an outlaw for pointless revenge.

    The Only Bad Quality

    1. By player choice, he can be a little too rude to other gang members sometimes.


    • Arthur Morgan is the first Rockstar protagonist to die from an illness.
    • Arthur is the second protagonist in the Red Dead series to be killed off in his respective game, the first being John Marston in the first Redemption title. However, Arthur is chronologically the first.


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