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    It feels nice to do great things for wrong reasons.
    Gender: Anyone
    Type: Morally Ambigiuous yet Noble Heroes
    Species: Trope
    Status: Common
    Media of origin: Countless

    An anti-hero is a protagonist that is basically a foil that has the opposite of most of the traditional traits that are associated with traditional heroes.

    Why This Trope Makes Bad Look Good

    1. It makes the character relatable and innately human.
    2. The anti-hero's story would be more challenging to the viewers, as their actions would be more unpredictable than those of a traditional hero.
    3. It highlights the fact that the line between heroism and villainy is extremely thin, producing a large grey area in between them. Whereas villains have redeeming qualities, heroes have personality flaws and these heroes know how to express these in a very humanizing way.
    4. People tend to identify with characters who are deeply flawed, as they see themselves in them.
    5. They are usually more sympathetic and complex than traditional heroes, as they face more internal conflicts that make them question their own actions and grow as a person, and it makes them more realistic and have lots of depth as people.

    The Only Bad Quality

    1. Some anti-heroes can be unsympathetic and unlikable since they can be jerks sometimes.
      • Poorly written anti-heroes will have them fall into the category of being too selfish, morally awful and too unheroic for them to qualify as heroes in general, and will only come off as antagonists who are labeled as "heroes".

    Examples of well-written anti-heroes

    • Bloodsport (He may sound like a jerk, but overall, he's a pretty good guy at his core. He is also a great replacement for Deadshot in The Suicide Squad, and has an enjoyable chemistry and character arc.)
    • Bowser Junior (SuperMarioLogan, pre-late-2019; Once a bratty jerk whose idiocy caused annoyance towards people like Chef Pee Pee, but still had good-hearted qualities to make up for it)
    • Crash (Crash and Bernstein; An idiotic and crazy puppet who has egomaniacal, arrogant, reckless, greedy, selfish and jerkish tendencies, but is still willing to do good things regardless of his incompetence and his idiocy)
    • Daffy Duck (Looney Tunes: An extremely selfish, bumbling, pompous, conceited and egotistical duck who cares about the fame, attention and hedonism in anything, but was still somewhat heroic in his superhero role as "Duck Dodgers")
    • Deadpool (Deadpool; Who is a mischievous mecernary who loves to always crack jokes and prefers to do dubious things like trash talking, killing criminals, reaping rewards, talking too much and doing whatever he wants no matter how good or bad it is, but is seeking to become a superhero and is still willing to help the X Men or other heroes such as Spiderman with fighting against any enemy they come across.)
    • Gumball Watterson (The Amazing World of Gumball; Even after he stopped being a troublemaking and moronic kid in Season 1, he was still snarky, immature, egocentric and overdramatic sometimes, but he still has good qualities to him as a person and is on the side of good)
    • Guts (Berserk; a gritty, brooding mercenary-turned-warrior motivated by a thirst for vengeance, which brings him to employ some pretty ruthless and bloody methods in taking down admittedly horrible people, even if he grows more selfless over time.)
    • Katsuki Bakugo (My Hero Academia; An very hot-tempered, grumpy, arrogant, abrasive teenage boy who bullied Izuku for a long amount of time, and despite being grouchy and hard-boiled, he learns how to grow and would still be willing to protect and help the lives of other people)
    • Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece; A pirate version who took dangerous risks out of recklessness and made several bad decisions which at times endangered his crew, but he still has a good-hearted and optimistic sense behind his actions.)
    • Wario (Super Mario; A arrogant greedy selfish man with a large ego who serves as a troublemaking rival to Mario, he prefers to live off of excess wealth and loves parading his ego over WarioWare, but was to help Mario save Peach and sometimes help people for greedy and finaniacal purposes)

    Examples of poorly-written anti-heroes

    • Allen Gregory (Allen Gregory; More of a overly pretentious narcissist who is manipulates people and talks down to people rather than being a "protagonist")
    • Garfield (live-action films; Being more of a self-absorbed jerk with superficial charm rather than being a genuinely likable anti-hero)
    • Neito Monoma (My Hero Academia; Being more of a spiteful, two-faced, manipualtive, attention-seeking nusiance for a loudmouthed rival rather than being an noble anti-hero with enough heroic qualities beyond one solid moment of heroism).
    • Golly Gopher (Re-Animated; More of a egotistical, manipulative jerk rather than being a "hero".)


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