Annoying Orange (2009-early 2014, Annoying Orange Gaming)

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The Annoying Orange, or most commonly known as Orange, is the titular protagonist of the 2009-present web series of the same name. He is voiced by the amazing Dane Boedigheimer.

Annoying Orange
"I'm not annoying, I'm an orange!"
Gender: Male
Type: Wacky, Quirky Jokester
Age: Unknown (presumably an adult)
Species: Orange
Portrayed by: Dane Boedigheimer
Status: Alive
Media of origin: The Annoying Orange

Why He's Annoying (In a Hilarious Way)

  1. Despite his annoying traits, he generally doesn't mean to be as extreme as he is with his quirks and usually means well, a trait that was unfortunately phased out for the most part in later episodes.
  2. Dane Boedigheimer does an alright job voicing him and portraying him with just the right amount of comedic energy, with a light touch of a falsetto cadence.
  3. His crush on Passion Fruit makes for great gags, and he's there to help her at times.

Intentionally Annoying Qualities

  1. He constantly taunts, terrorizes and harasses those he comes across to the point of bullying.
  2. He tends to overuse toilet humor and fart jokes.
  3. His TV show was pretty bad, and his TV counterpart was also flanderized badly. His normal YouTube self also went downhill starting from mid-2014 where his voice became higher pitched, and his annoying personality was exaggerated to the point of inanity.
    • Also, it varies whether or not he was in character in early 2014.



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