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    Annoying Orange (2009-early 2014, Annoying Orange Gaming)

    Annoying Orange
    "Hey, Apple! Apple! Hey! Hey, Apple! Hey, Apple! Hey, Apple! Apple! Hey! Hey, Apple!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: The Orange who is Annoying.
    Age: his 30s
    Species: Fruit
    Portrayed by: Dane Boedigheimer
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The Annoying Orange

    The Annoying Orange or most commonly known as Orange, is an awesome fictional character created and voiced by the amazing Dane Boedigheimer.

    Why He's Annoying (In a Hilarious Way)

    1. Orange is a very annoying, but hilarious and likable character.
    2. Even though he see his friends get annoyed and say negative things about him, it doesn’t effect him that much and moves on with a bright spirit.
    3. He lives in a kitchen, and despite how dangerous it can be, he is proud to call it his home.
    4. He’s always there for his friends, and despite his annoying traits, he cares about them very much, including his best friend, Pear.
    5. He’s hilarious whenever he tries to sing without being auto-tuned, and is awesome when he does sing while being auto-tuned.
    6. His iconic laugh, never gets old.
    7. He’s greatly voiced by Dane Boedigheimer.
    8. He’s always has amazing things to do, like during the Ask Orange episodes, like blowing up TNT and using Hot Lava.
    9. He has amazing puns and creative running gags, like calling Little Apple "Midget Apple", and calling Pumpkin "Plumpkin".
    10. He’s so amazing, that he got his own gaming channel dedicated to him and his friends playing video games.
    11. Speaking of which, he has great merchandise, like T-Shirts, toys, and video games.
    12. His crush on Passion Fruit always makes up great gags, and he’s there to help her at times.
    13. Even if some fruits get irritated easily at him, it actually shocks him if they got knifed, meaning he still cares about his enemies.

    Intentionally Annoying (in a bad way) Qualities

    1. He can sometimes become the Jar-Jar Binks annoying at times, despite this being intentional.
    2. He can be extremely awful, like just constantly taunting some fruits to the point of bullying.
    3. He sometimes tends to overuse toilet humor and fart jokes.
    4. His TV show was pretty bad, and his TV counterpart was also flanderized badly. While he is still likable on the gaming channel, his normal YouTube self also went downhill starting from mid-2014 where his voice became more high-pitched and just more of something just for kids.
      • Also, it varies whether or not he was in character in early 2014.



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