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    Anne Boonchuy
    "Change can be difficult, but it's how we grow. It can be the hardest thing to realize, that you can't hold on something forever. Sometimes, you have to let it go... But of things you let go, you'd be suprised what makes its way back to you." - Anne Boonchuy
    Gender: Female
    Type: Teen Girl in a Frog World
    Age: 13
    23 (as of the epilogue of "The Hardest Thing")
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Brenda Song (teenager, adult and child in all episodes beside "Lost in Newtopia")
    Kai Zen (child in "Lost in Newtopia")
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Amphibia

    Anne Savisa Boonchuy (Thai: แอนน์ สาวิสา บุญช่วย) is the main protagonist from Disney Channel's Amphibia. She is a Thai-American human girl originally from Los Angeles, California, who, on her 13th birthday, is magically transported to Amphibia alongside her friends Sasha and Marcy by a mysterious chest known as the Calamity Box.

    Why She's the Coolest

    1. She's not just a great character, She is one of (If not) the Greatest Disney protagonist ever made, Even more than Mickey Mouse, Buzz Lightyear, Jack Sparrow, Tony Stark, and many more!
    2. Anne's character development is wonderful, starting off as a generic teenager, but it's gradually revealed that she was manipulated into being like that by her toxic friend Sasha. She also becomes more responsible, kind, noble, and brave as the series goes on, helping tons of people and even rejecting an offer to become the Multiversal guardian after destroying the Core in the finale.
    3. Anne is well known for being the first Thai-American lead in a animated show.
    4. Her character design looks cool and attracting, both in her normal and Blue Gem form.
    5. Her facial expressions are at worst, passable, and at best, adorable.
    6. She is so over-the-top and funny.
    7. Brenda Song does a great job as the character's voice, She also played other popular characters like London Tipton from The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, and the title character of Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior.
      • Also, Unlike other adults voicing kids like Jason Ritter as Dipper Pines from Gravity Falls, Song (Who is 34) actually fits Anne (Who is 13) very well and she manages to sound like a teenager.
    8. At the season 2 finale, when Sprig falls to the sky and Marcy tried to save him, we can see Anne in her flashback with Sprig since the day they met, have their friendship, which is very powerful character development for her.
      • Hell, as much as how great her design and animation is, when she cries and transforms into a Saiyan (cuz you know, blue hair.) to fight King Andrias and besides, she even gave Goku from Dragon Ball a run for his money and also not to mention that the fight is exciting, cool and badass.
    9. Speaking of friendship, her relationship with other characters (especially Sprig) are great.
    10. Anne had been compared positively to Luz Noceda (another Disney Channel protagonist) from The Owl House, with many even considering her to be kinda better.

    The Only Bad Quality

    1. Before her character development, Anne can be seen as a pretty generic teenager (Sometimes even unlikeable), though it is justified because her friend, Sasha Waybright made her this way.
      • Some episodes and scenes try to make her "modern, hip or cool" like her dab and a Game Boy lookalike.
      • In one episode, she pretends to be sick in order to get out of work. Though she did learn her lesson after that.
    2. In Season 3A, she is noticeably a little more uptight towards the Plantars and threatened to put them on lockdown one time, to be fair, this can be justified as she is trying to keep them safe.


    • Anne is the first Thai-American protagonist in an animated series in history.
    • Anne is shown to be highly addicted to her phone, with Polly noting she never goes anywhere without her phone in "A Night at the Inn". She is more grateful to Wally for saving her phone than her life in "Wally and Anne". A brief comment of hers in "Taking Charge" suggests this addiction is due to her phone being the only link to her life back home.
      • On a related note, it is strongly implied that Anne is very responsible with the use of her phone, since she spent days in Amphibia with her phone still at full charge until Hop Pop drained it all in the episode "Taking Charge".
    • Anne's blue gem powered form is visually similar to the Super Saiyan Blue form present in the Dragon Ball franchise. However, the form being triggered by anger makes her blue-powered form more similar to the original Super Saiyan form.
    • She attends Saint James Middle School, which appeared to be a parochial school. Concept art for the character showed her wearing a Catholic school-style vest. However, the episode "Temple Frogs" reveals Anne and her family are Buddhists. It is later confirmed Saint James Middle School is a private school.
    • It is strongly implied in "Family Fishing Trip" that Anne likes to eat crab, as she says that the giant crab monster both scares her and makes her hungry. She later asks if anyone would like to go and kill the crab monsters, arguing that "that thing probably had a ton of meat."
    • Strangely enough, despite showing that she can get clean and has worn clean clothing and combed or slicked her hair on more than one occasion, her hair always seems to revert back to having leaves and sticks in it as if she has been dragged through the woods. According to Matt Braly, this is done on purpose in order to reflect the fact that "[Anne] is out of her depth and a bit disoriented [in Amphibia]". Anne finally noticed this in the episode "The Sleepover to End All Sleepovers".
      • In the Amphibiland pilot short, Anne is depicted with both of her shoes intact.
    • Anne was originally envisioned as being boring on Earth before being reinvented by the crew. Her personality was loosely based on Pacifica Northwest from Gravity Falls and Matt Braly's grandmother when she was a younger.
    • Matt Braly revealed on an AMA that Anne's design was slightly influenced by Pepper Ann, as Braly was a fan of the series.
    • Anne's last name "Boonchuy" roughly translates to "one who encourages or performs good deeds." This fits her character as she attempts to help the people of Amphibia.
    • Anne has shown a number of interesting talents over the course of the series such as cooking, dancing, dunking, and sewing. It is implied that she learned some of these skills either through her family or her friends.
    • In "Reunion", it is revealed that Anne used to hate frogs to the point that Sasha would make fun of her for it and try to gross her out.
    • According to Matt Braly, Anne reads manga, "[probably saw] anime", and watched The Lord of the Rings. This is further supported in the episode "Trip to the Archives", where Anne shouts "Zoobooks and manga, here I come!".
    • As seen in "Quarreler's Pass", Anne apparently does not like to talk about her potential romantic life at home.
    • Anne and her friends were originally supposed to be 15 years old.
    • Billy Monahan, a future YouTuber, is known for being a fan of Anne who frequently posts about her on Twitter under the username, Captain Mohando. He was also responsible for writing articles about Anne on this Wiki, the Great Characters Wiki, and Wikipedia.



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