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    André Harris (Victorious)

    André Harris (Victorious)
    "Fill in the blank: I love it when..." you play music.
    Gender: Male
    Type: The friendly musician
    Age: 16-17
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Leon Thomas III
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Victorious

    André Harris is one of the eight main characters and is one of the four main characters to appear in every episode in Victorious. He is one of the musically talented best friends of Tori Vega.

    He is portrayed by Leon Thomas lll.

    Why He's André

    1. He's talented and has a good singing voice.
    2. Even if he's childish, that's what makes him hilarious.
    3. He's a really nice guy and would willingly look through pints of ice cream for letters again for another private concert from a popular singer.
    4. He's one of the most popular Victorious characters.
    5. Leon Thomas III portrayed him pretty great.
    6. Victorious would never be the same without him.
    7. His grandma is hilarious.
    8. "I DO NOT HAVE A KETCHUP PROBLEM", "I say we got out of here right after we finish this food" and "Grandma that's just the 'fill in the blank'".

    Bad Qualities

    1. He can be naive.
    2. He dosen't get any solo songs as he mostly duets with Tori a lot of the time.
    3. Out of all of the characters he dosen't really get a personnality other then liking music.
    4. He was unlikable in the episode "The Bad Roommate", as he was mean-spirited to Tori.


    • He is the only male main character who never kissed any girl in the main cast. He is also the last of the main cast to be kissed, his first being Sherry in Prom Wrecker, who was also his first on-screen girlfriend.
      • In Tori Goes Platinum, he did kiss Tori on the cheek.
    • André's locker has a keyboard built into it, and as demonstrated in iParty with Victorious, the combination to it is the opening three notes to Make It Shine.


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