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    Amity Blight
    "Don't worry. You always have a way of sneaking into people's hearts."
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14
    Species: Witch
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The Owl House

    Amity Blight is a major supporting character of the Owl House. She is a prodigious young witch who attends Hexside School of Magic and Demonics. Although she was originally as an antagonist, after bonding with Luz, she became a better person, being able to stand up to her parents, regain her friendship with Willow, and become Luz’s girlfriend and close friend.

    Why She Rocks

    1. Although she was initially an antagonist, she became a better and more compassionate person, thanks to Luz.
    2. Her voice actress, Mae Whitman, is a great casting choice for her. She also voices other popular characters like Katara from Avatar: The Last Airbender.
      • Speaking of which, her abomination magic seems very similar to Katara’s waterbending ability.
    3. Her character design and facial expressions are so adorable, especially when she blushes around Luz.
    4. Her character development into a nicer person is well-written and fantastic.
    5. Her romantic, sapphic relationship with Luz is very unique, well-developed, and very wholesome and healthy for both of them, despite not being perfect.
    6. She’s very determined, caring, and protective towards those she cares about like Luz and Willow, even before she was redeemed as shown when she accidentally got her teammates hurt and felt so guilty that she never played Grudgby again since.
    7. Her backstory with her abusive parents, especially her mother, Odalia, is very tragic and solidly written. It's also very cathartic and satisfying when she finally stands up to them.
    8. She’s incredibly strong, intelligent, and resourceful, able to take on a powerful abomaton and defeat a horde of Coven scouts with Willow.
      • She was also able to fight to a standstill with Hunter before breaking the portal key to save Luz from the Emperor’s Coven.
    9. She can be very dorky like Luz, as shown by her love of Azura and the way she was initially nervous and flustered when she started falling in love with her.

    Bad Qualities

    1. Before her great realization and character development, she did start out as an arrogant rival and bully who wanted to be the top student. Then again, Amity did cave into peer pressure from her mother and former “friend” Boscha.
      • One example of this was when she almost got Luz dissected by Principal Bump, mistaking her for an abomination.
      • Another was when she “accidentally” stepped on one of King’s cupcakes at the episode, Covention.
    2. Some fans consider her development kind of rushed cause it took the entire first season for her to change for the better. Same thing with Hunter in season 2.
    3. Inspite of becoming a better person, she can still sometimes let her temper get the best of her, like when she threw hands with Hooty after the latter was invading her personal space in the episode, Enchanting Grom Fright. This is understandable since Hooty can be a nuisance, but still.


    • Amity's Penstagram account is "WITCHCHICK128".
      • The numbers on her Penstagram account, 128, may be a reference to Dana Terrace's birthday, December 8.
    • Amity is left-handed.
    • Whenever she gets mad, her face turns red with anger, and then relieves herself, then at times, she says that she almost passed out; this same thing happens whenever she gets flustered in Luz's presence.
    • Amity has similar traits to Diana Cavendish from the anime series, Little Witch Academia. Both are top students in witchcraft, strongly admired by teachers and classmates alike, and often clash with the main protagonist. Like Diana, who is a fan of Shiny Chariot like Akko Kagari, Amity is a fan of Azura like Luz. However, Diana views Akko as her friend while Amity has a crush on Luz.
    • In "Understanding Willow", Amity's parents are shown for the first time, albeit obscured, and it is shown they were emotionally abusive.
      • In the same episode, it is shown that Amity's hair was originally brown.
        • According to Dana Terrace in a Reddit AMA, Amity shares her natural hair color with her father, but her mother forces her to dye it green because she likes her children "color-coordinated". This was verified in "Through the Looking Glass Ruins".
    • In "Enchanting Grom Fright", Amity is revealed to be attracted to women, as in the same episode she is revealed to have a crush on Luz, marking her as Disney's first explicitly LGBTQ+ animated recurring character.
      • In a Reddit AMA hosted by Dana, she confirmed that Amity is "intended to be a lesbian".
      • Luz is Amity's first crush.


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