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    Amitie (Puyo Puyo)
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Shiho Kikuchi (Japnaese)
    Christine Marie Cabanos (English)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Puyo Puyo

    Amitie (アミティ Amitī) is a main character in the Puyo Puyo franchise who appears as the legit main character of Puyo Puyo Fever. She wishes that someday she would become a wonderful magic user and is a female citizen of Primp Town.

    Why She's Amitie

    1. She's an optimistic girl who always puts a happy and bright smile on her face. All is said.
    2. She's really friendly towards everyone she meets. For instance, she and mh:loathsomecharacters:Ess do have moments of mutual understanding, and can work fairly well together, such as in their 'ladylike battle' or when they tried to find a solution to Ex's problem.
      • Another example is mh:loathsomecharacters:Klug. Sure, Klug does make fun of her hat that she wears, but Amitie decides to hold no negative feelings towards him as she would still view him as a friend.
      • Finally, Amitie considers Sig as one of her closest friends and would often show her support of Sig thus helping him if she feels something is bothering him.
    3. Amitie often feels like a liability due to her incompetence, but that never stops her from having a goal to put her mind into overcoming her weakness. Basically, never give up type of situation.
    4. Even though Amitie is childish, she could sometimes be able to see possibly dangerous situations and often have suspicions about characters such as Lemres and Riskukuma.
    5. Like Arle, Amitie does not mind letting Ringo take the spotlight as the main character hence Arle, Amitie, and Ringo themselves are the main focus of Puyo Puyo material. Though Amitie existed way before Ringo ever did.
    6. As Arle became more prominent in presence, Amitie would use different spells that Arle wouldn't do like Cyclowhirl instead of Blizzard and Ekrixis or Aktina instead of Lightning Bolt. So that goes to show you that she's not a carbon copy of Arle, even when she shares similar moves.
    7. Raffina usually say mean comments to or about Amitie, what makes this so unique is that Amitie would rather want to respond to her hatred with kindness. Unusual at first, but that would make Amitie quite an entertaining character.
    8. In Puyo Puyo Fever, Accord said that she would give an award to the one who finds her "lost" flying cane which lead to Amitie finding it. She finds it, but Amitie's kind request made Amitie not get any award. That goes to show you that awards don't have to be getting something.
    9. She's cute and it fits right well with her character.

    Bad Qualities

    1. She would be so kind that it would sometimes make her naïve. With that said, she would misunderstand important jokes or let vital points of information get past her.
    2. Amitie easily befriends others but can be a little lacking in her social skills which in turn leads to her being a bit clumsy.
    3. Can be childish, but still likeable.


    • Her birthday of May 5th is Japanese national holiday Children's Day, chosen perhaps to reflect her childish personality. Her birthday also coincides with the Mexican celebration of Cinco De Mayo.
    • The French word for "friendship" is amitié with an accent acute on the final E, meaning that the word roughly rhymes with "yeah". The original Japanese pronunciation of amitī is similar to a mixture of the first half of the French word amitié and the second half of the English name "Amity".
    • Her talent is stacking puyo on her head.
    • She dislikes mushrooms.


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