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    All Might (My Hero Academia)

    All Might
    Yagi True Form.png
    "I really am pathetic. Even though I admonished you, I wasn’t putting what I said into practice! Pros are always risking their lives!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: A Powerful hero with a big secret
    Age: 50s
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Tesshō Genda (Vomic)
    Kenta Miyake (Anime)
    Christopher Sabat
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: My Hero Academia

    "It's fine now. Why? Because I am here!"
    All Might

    Toshinori Yagi ( in Japanese: 八木俊則, Yagi Toshinori), more commonly known by his hero name, All Might (オールマイト Ōrumaito), is the overarching protagonist of the My Hero Academia franchise. He serves as one of the two deuteragonists of the main series, as well as the overarching protagonist of its spin-off My Hero Academia: Vigilantes. All Might is the former No. 1 Hero who bore the title of the world's symbol of peace. He teaches Foundational Hero Studies at U.A. High School.

    Why He Rocks

    1. He has a fatherly attitude towards his students (Izuku in particular), though he wanted nothing to do with him near the start of the series, he eventually warms up to him after witnessing first-hand Midorya's determination and single act of heroism.
    2. His personality is very colorful and tends to have a lot of dramatic flair with a exaggerated yet devilishly happy grin.
    3. His received Quirk titled One For All, is a impeccably powerful ability with nearly unlimited, stockpiled power, which he solely uses for heroism. Also, a running gag where he names his super-moves after cities and states is comically wonderful.
    4. He tend to be extremely friendly and amicable, due to his popularity, years in the spotlight, and being an overall nice guy.
    5. He often takes pride in helping better his students as heroes and people.
    6. He is quick to give encouraging advice to his students and constantly proclaims he is proud of their improvements. 
    7. He is usually nicknamed as the "Symbol of Peace" and such deterrent against crime that villains were largely discouraged by his presence in society. 
    8. All his voice actors did phenomenal jobs portraying him and fit his boastful, muscular personality, especially Kenta Miyake and Christopher R. Sabat, managing to capture his heroic gesture in only their vocal performances. 
    9. Even after being held back by a injury that costs him some of his usage of One For All, he manages to surpass his own set limits, pushing it to its fullest, and under a steady time limit.  
    10. The fact that he's actually a skinny frail man trying to maintain his image is an interesting angle. Unlike Superman, he isn't just naturally a super being, it's more like a transformation that takes its toll on him.

    Bad Qualities

    1. Whenever he reverts to his sick and scrawny form, he tends to be less energetic and more pessimistic than his buffer alter-ego.
    2. He loses the need to hide his worries about the state of affairs around him behind his smile. Additionally, he avoids drawing attention to himself altogether, afraid that others might learn of his current state of health.
    3. Though he sets out to inspire others while sporting a giant smile, he usually shows off a borderline obnoxious, can-do attitude.


    • All Might's hero persona appears to be derived from western superhero stereotypes, like for example, Superman.


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