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    Alex the Lion
    "It's Show Time!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Pessimistic but Friendly and Happy-Go-Lucky Animal
    Age: 3 (in lion years)
    Species: Lion
    Portrayed by: Ben Stiller
    Quinn Dempsey Stiller (child)
    Wally Wingert (Madagascar 1 video game, Madagascar Kartz, DreamWorks Super Star Kartz)
    Crispin Freeman (Madagascar 2 and 3 video game)
    Tucker Chandler (A Little Wild)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Madagascar

    Alex the Lion is the main protagonist from DreamWorks' Madagascar trilogy who once lived at the Central Park Zoo in New York and is the main protagonist of alongside Marty the Zebra, Gloria the Hippo and Melman the Giraffe. He is voiced by Ben Stiller.

    Why He's the King of New York

    1. He is very caring to his friends and family.
    2. His design is great.
    3. He is also very funny most of the time and hams things up whenever he's on screen.
    4. His character became even much more better and likable after the first film.
    5. He helps saves Marty, Melman, and Gloria from the Fossas by pretending to be a savage lion.
    6. He usually makes the right decisions after learning what makes him happy.
    7. He realizes that fame isn’t what his whole life is supposed to be about and that it’s all about being with your loved ones. Sound familiar?
    8. He is also determined to fix things when he knows he spoiled them, like when he fights with Marty, or his attempt to re-fit into the lion's pack or to convince his friends to return to the circus and apologize to everyone.
    9. He was aware of his savage side during the first film.
    10. He is really energetic, able to raise morale to everyone around him and also has good leadership skills, especially in the third film where he even manages to lead a complete circus.
    11. Ben Stiller and Wally Wingert do a wonderful performance voicing him. Crispin Freeman, despite not being as good, does a good performance voicing him.
    12. His dancing moves are great and memorable.
    13. He has even made an appearance on the spinoff series The Penguins of Madagascar and All Hail King Julien.
    14. He has spawned many internet memes.

    New York Can't Save These Flaws

    1. He wasn’t that likable right after Marty escaped the zoo and once they arrived in Madagascar during the first movie. (He blamed Marty for putting them all in danger because of the birthday wish that Marty made when it was his own fault since he and the others insisted that he told his wish when he warned them it would be bad news.)
    2. He can be egotistical, prideful, and selfish at times and thinks that he should get treated like a celebrity, especially in the first film.
    3. He sometimes gets into fights with Marty.
    4. Some of his jokes and one liners can usually be ham fisted at times.
    5. He sometimes doesn’t make his mind up at times during situations that make him nervous such as trying to flirt with Gia during the third movie.
    6. During his savage phase in the middle of the first movie, he tried to eat Marty during the middle of the first film.
      • This is understandable since he was starving and his deliriums made him think everyone was steak, but still.
    7. Crispin Freeman (his voice actor in the Madagascar 2 game and onwards aside from the kart racing games) isn't as good of a voice for him as his previous two VAs.



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