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    Akiko Yosano
    "No matter how hard we doctors try, our patients still slip through our fingers. Death, the ultimate form of science? What a load of crap! I'll kill anyone who doesn't value life!"
    Gender: Female
    Type: Anti-Nihilistic Doctor
    Age: 11 (during the Great War)

    25 (present)

    Portrayed by: Yu Shimamura (Japanese)

    Erica Lindbeck (English)

    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Bungo Stray Dogs

    Akiko Yosano (与謝野 晶子, Yosano Akiko) is one of the supporting protagonists of the anime/manga series Bungo Stray Dogs. She is a member and sole physician of the Armed Detective Agency who possesses a rare healing ability called "Thou Shalt Not Die". At the age of 11, Yosano was previously a student medic who was valued by many soldiers during the Great War. She is also an ally-turned-enemy of Ougai Mori, who is a current leader of the Port Mafia and former military physician who sought her healing ability to form his immortal army at the time. During the time of said war, she became closer to Shunzen Tachihara, a soldier who gave her a golden butterfly hairclip until their eventual downfall that costed his own life by suicide, much to her trauma. In the aftermath of the Great War three years later, she was founded by Ougai Mori at the detention facility to recruit her once again until she was rescued by Ranpo Edogawa and Yukichi Fukuzawa, prompting her as the first person to join the Armed Detective Agency.

    Why She Shalt Not Die

    1. She is considered the most resourceful member of the Armed Detective Agency because of not only her healing ability that takes care of one's (or her own) life-threatening injuries, but also valuing human life given her traumatic past.
    2. As the only doctor of the organization, she is willing to heal her comrades (even her enemies) to make sure no one is killed on her watch, nor remain badly injured.
      • As part of the deal made by Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald (who is currently supporting the Armed Detective Agency for their innocence), Yosano was able to heal his colleague Margaret Mitchell.
    3. To compensate her ability that is only meant to heal the heavily injured, she is very skilled in close combat with deadly weapons, especially her long hatchet. Her single-handed fight with Motojiro Kajii inside the hijacked train proves it very well!
      • That being said, Yosano is aware that letting others die is against the very ideal of a doctor like her, as she gives mercy on her enemies by injuring them with larger weapons and then heal them (although rendered unconscious as a result).
    4. Whether in the BSD universe or outside of it, she is one of the greatest examples of badass female anime/manga characters that are capable enough to fight without holding back.
    5. During the Hunting Dogs arc, she gets the character development and focus that she had long deserved:
      • Given that she is one of the few wanted members of the Agency by the Ministry of Justice (and falsely the Hunting Dogs), Yosano overcame her war trauma by facing a mysterious hooded figure who possesses metal manipulation similar to that of the soldier who created her hairpin, which turned out to be his brother Michizo Tachihara.
      • It shows her backstory of how she had a connection with Mori and join the Armed Detective Agency in the first place, as it reveals to be very tragic and very difficult to root for the pedophilic doctor who truly manipulated her into healing many soldiers countless times to the point they're traumatized.
      • After Kunikida's sacrifice to prevent the Hunting Dogs from seizing the framed Armed Detective Agency and Kyouka's rescue mission to save Atsushi, Yosano was the only one taking care of Kenji and Tanizaki and making sure they are safe and hidden while being split up.
    6. She has great friendship chemistry with Ranpo Edogawa ever since she was rescued by him 11 years ago, and she was the only one who accompanied him during the mystery novel entrapment game set up by his former enemy Edgar Allan Poe.
    7. She has an attractive character design completed with her notable golden butterfly hairclip, which heavily ties to her healing ability.
    8. Yu Shimamura (Annie Leonhart from Attack on Titan and Siune from Sword Art Online II) and Erica Lindbeck (Naomi Tanizaki from the same series and Kaori Miyazono from Your Lie in April) did an amazing job voicing her.

    Deadly Qualities

    1. In the anime, she had her brief moments of unwanted fanservice by stripping herself nearly naked and perform her signature special treatment on Tanizaki and Atsushi respectively. Thankfully, her skimpiness was omitted in the manga.
    2. Given her sadism and the nature of her ability, Yosano can be quite scary to her colleagues whether they're injured or not, although this was played for laughs.


    • Not only Yosano is the first member to join the Armed Detective Agency, but also the first woman before Kirako Haruno, Naomi Tanizaki, and recently Kyouka Izumi.
    • Her relationship with Ougai Mori is based on of their respective real-life writers who were part of the same poetry group.


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