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    Adrien Agreste/Cat Noir
    "You, the best superhero that ever was. Them, the people of Paris. And me, your loyal partner."
    Gender: Male
    Type: Friendly Charming Superhero with a Sense of Humor
    Age: 13-15
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Bryce Papenbrook (English)
    Benjamin Bollen (French)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir

    "Plagg, claws out!"

    Adrien's catchphrase whenever he's about to transform into Cat Noir.

    Adrien Agreste is one of the two titular main protagonists of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. He is a human-sentimonster created by his late mother Emilie Agreste from her emotions of love. He is a former student in Miss Bustier's class at Collège Françoise Dupont in Paris, France. He is also a former fashion model for his late father's brand.

    With the Cat Miraculous, when inhabited by Plagg, Adrien transforms into the black cat-themed superhero Cat Noir ("Chat Noir" in the French version), gaining the power of destruction to stop Hawk Moth/Shadow Moth/Monarch and his akumatized villains. He is the second-in-command of the French Miraculous superhero team.

    Personnalité (Personality)

    Adrien is a dreamer and charismatic, but he is also often shy, a bit reserved and considerably innocent and naive — particularly due to his unfamiliarity with much of the world beyond his father's reach. According to Nino Lahiffe, because of it, he resembled a baby bird afraid to come out of his shell. Due to his kind heart with or without his mask, Adrien always tries to see the best in others, to those that have mean or cruel intentions, like Lila Rossi and Chloé Bourgeois, he's willing to give second chances believing that with patience and time, anyone can change. His patience does have limits though, as he ended his friendship with Chloé after she refused to apologize for her actions in "Queen Banana", even though they reconciled in the next episode. As his patience ended with Chloe when he found out about her actions in "Derision", ending their friendship.

    However in "Revelation", he saw the difference of those who mean well and those who don't. It is seen that he reaches his limit of patience with those who manipulate such as Chloé and Lila. This is demonstrated as he becomes blunt to Lila, and ends his friendship with Chloe.

    Pourquoi Il Est Notre Chat Noir (Why He's Our Cat Noir)

    1. He's a nice boy whose very friendly and sees the good in people, even in bad people like Chloé and Lila.
    2. He has a good, heartwarming, and funny chemistry (later relationship) with Marinette.
    3. As Cat Noir, he's not only a competent superhero but can also have funny yet hilarious quirky moments like his funny one-liners and the most interesting thing about him is his charm (according to Ladybug).
    4. He is a very good best friend to Nino and he appreciates the guy trying to help him out when it comes to his father.
    5. His backstory is very sympathetic and can make you feel sorry for him: Ever since his mother died, it took a great toll on both him and his father, who due to the loss resorted to becoming strict to him by shunning him out from all people and it made him feel like he was being trapped in a cage. And the reason why he was still friends with Chloe is that since his father was still homeschooling him, she was the first friend he made since they were kids.
    6. In the beginning, Adrien would only speak up sparingly against Chloé's mean actions because she was his only friend during the times he was homeschooled. Eventually, he stops making excuses for her and starts to actively reprimand her behavior. Incidentally, he starts to rebel against his father more often, albeit subtly.
    7. There are times where he calls out Chloe or Lila for their rude behavior as seen in one episode where he manages to convince Lila to put on a convincing act to get the principal to lift Marinette's suspension or when he calls out Chloe for tricking Kim into pulling that cruel prank on Marinette a year before Adrien himself became a student there and in fact, he even declares that they are no longer friends.
    8. He is shown to be a pretty good fencer as he is seen doing sparing lessons with his ex-girlfriend, Kagami in some episodes.
    9. He has a very cool and handsome design, and his Cat Noir costume is cool and well animated as well.
    10. He finally got the courage to tell his dad that he doesn't want to be a model anymore and he took it surprisingly well (even though it was part of his evil plan).
    11. The sweetest thing he says to Marinette in the fourth season finale.
      • Cat Noir: "M'lady... We're gonna get them back one by one, until the very last. And we'll make sure this never happens again!"
        Ladybug: "You... and me?"
        Cat Noir: "You, the best superhero that ever was. Them, the people of Paris. And me, your loyal partner."
    12. He had a decent and sweet relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Kagami as they both can relate where they're coming from. While they have different personalities, they both live with strict parents who have high expectations of them. It's why they manage to lie to their parents it's because they wanted to spend much time together. But they decided to just be friends.
    13. Season 5 is where he was at his absolute best as he gives up his feelings for Ladybug and becomes interested in Marinette. Then he tries to establish a relationship with Marinette, in which despite some turbulence, both manage to overcome them. In "Revolution", they kiss for the first time and end up involuntarily separating due to Gabriel's influence. In the end, this arc ends with Adrien managing to develop a romantic relationship with Marinette without anyone else being able to get in the way.
    14. Bryce Papenbrook does a fantatic job voicing him.

    Mauvaises Qualités (Bad Qualities)

    1. He's can be very oblivious to the evil around him, much like his father.
    2. He suffered being a victim to being affected by the akumatized citizens' superpower, both as Adrien and Cat Noir. Though some of them are him sacrificing himself for Ladybug.
      • In the episode "Style Queen (Queen's Battle - Part 1)", he got turned into a glitter statue by Style Queen.
      • In the episode "Dark Cupid", he got hit by one of Dark Cupid's arrows, making him evil and turn against Ladybug.
      • In the episode "Reverser", he was caught off guard got hit by one of Reverser's superpowers, turning him into the complete opposite of his personality.
      • In the episode "Cat Blanc", after knowing that his father is Hawkmoth, he got akumatized into Cat Blanc which traumatized Ladybug.
      • In the episode "Mega Leech" when Ladybug came back to Cat Noir, he at some point got taken control of by Maledikatator.

    Anecdote (Trivia)

    • The character of Adrien was created around 2012.
    • The earliest known appearance of Cat Noir was on the fake cover of Issue #12 of The Mini Menace Ladybug.
    • In Polish, the pronunciation of Adrien's surname "Agreste" means "gooseberry".
    • Fans originally called him Félix, after a famous cartoon cat. For some time, this name appeared on the original French version of Zagtoon's official website, but later disappeared with newer, equally reliable sources calling him "Adrien."
      • It was later revealed that the Ladybug PV version had, in fact, been called "Félix", and Félix and Adrien are not the same characters. Adrien was made around 2012 to replace Félix.
      • As opposed to the show's current conceptualization of the how the Miraculouses work, when PV Félix was Cat Noir, his ring could not come off unless he got a kiss from Ladybug. In addition, while wearing the ring, Félix was cursed to have bad luck.
      • Félix's original Cat Noir form was re-used as Adrien's Cat Noir, as featured in Thomas Astruc's animated movie featuring Ladybug and Cat Noir, in "Animaestro".
      • Adrien's cousin Félix Fathom appears to share a similar design to Félix from the PV, as well as his name.
    • Adrien's appearance changed immensely from Félix's design (seen in the Ladybug PV) to his own design. Félix's design included more formal clothing with black and gray colors, desaturated green eyes, and a tidier hairstyle. As Cat Noir, Félix's hair is much longer in a shaggy bob style and he wears higher boots. Félix also doesn't have a staff for a weapon.
      • Their personalities are also different. Félix is less social, not openly friendly, and unkind to Marinette.
      • Unlike Félix, Adrien's ring can come off anytime. This is seen in "Lady Wifi" when he, as Cat Noir, gets locked into a freezer and the impact causes his ring to fall off his finger, which makes him revert back to normal.
      • Because Félix was Cat Noir in the Ladybug PV, Adrien was never seen in 2D form until the Miraculous: Tales from Paris webisodes. He will be seen again in 2D in the Miraculous Ladybug OVA, as Adrien is confirmed to still be Cat Noir instead of Félix.
      • In "Copycat", Adrien's phone number is shown to be +33635124.
      • As he says in "Pixelator", he got to go to his first concert.
      • According to Gabriel Agreste's voice actor, Adrien is not allowed to play Pokémon Go.
      • Cat Noir's legacy is as old as ancient China, as revealed in "Volpina".
      • Adrien's responsibilities as a superhero not only include fighting akumatized villains, but also patrolling among many other things.
      • Adrien doesn't appear to have as many issues juggling his normal life with his superhero work as Marinette does. However, he does struggle on occasion, as seen in "Princess Fragrance" when he misses his chemistry class, in "Simon Says" and "Gorizilla", where he had to be in two places at the same time, and in "Backwarder" where he had to hurry back to the train before his father noticed he was gone.
      • This might be because Nathalie arranges most of his activities (extra studying, photo shoots, fencing, Chinese and piano lessons, etc), unlike Ladybug who arranges her things alone, but it is still suffocated.
      • His father also arranges some of his activities as seen in "Ephemeral" when Gabriel made Adrien represent him at a conference of the 100th collection of Gabriel brand, leading Ladybug to recruit nine superheroes to defeat Moolak which also lead to problems regarding Su-Han.

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