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    Adam Davenport
    "We're gonna have a bionic baby!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Dimwitted Jerk with a Heart of Gold
    Age: 16 (season 1)
    17 (season 2)
    18 (season 3)
    19 (season 4)
    Species: Humans
    Portrayed by: Spencer Boldman
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Lab Rats
    First appearance: Crush, Chop and Burn
    Last appearance: The Vanishing

    Adam Charles Davenport is one of three main protagonists of the Lab Rats franchise. He is the oldest of the four siblings. He possesses Super Strength, making him the strongest of the four siblings and allegedly, the strongest in the world. He also has Heat Vision/Laser Vision, and during episodes such as Bionic Showdown, he discovers new hidden abilities.

    He is portrayed by Spencer Boldman.

    Why He Rocks

    1. He is greatly portrayed by Spencer Boldman.
    2. He is a very dimwitted guy who almost never thinks anything through, but happens to be entertaining.
    3. He has very low intelligence, which is different from his strength as he is brawn rather than brains, which is also the opposite if compared to his younger brother, Chase.
    4. He also is easily angered, which often triggers glitches.
    5. He is the muscle of the group due to his large height and super strength.
    6. He is a very caring, lovable, fun-loving, goofy and comical guy.
    7. He is very friendly, kind, and is shown to care for others. In addition, despite him not being very intelligent, he is shown at times to be brighter than others give him credit for.
      • Season Two has shown his character definitely moving in this direction, as his interrogation by Principal Perry allowed him to fool her completely and get them off the hook for his slip-about 'going on missions', give Bree and Chase a well-deserved scare by mimicking each of their powers, as if he's showing exactly what they can do, prove that he can keep the family secret... and get Leo back for snarking off when they got detention.
    8. He can be jerk to his siblings quite frequently, especially Chase, whom he thinks it's funny to punch him.
    9. For the students at the Bionic Academy, he mentors like friends, encouraging and guiding them.
    10. He usually has no idea what's going on, even if it's something simple to understand, but he is still the strongest Lab Rat.
      • It's only when his family is in danger that his inner Badass truly comes out. The most noteworthy example of this can be seen in Bionic Showdown, when he destroys Marcus with simply one Kamehame Hadoken attack to save Leo.
    11. Mr. Fanservice (Himbo addition):
      • In general, he's occasionally seen wearing tight-fitting or sleeveless tops that bring out his musculature.
      • He spends most of the episode Dude, Where's My Lab? with his arms bare, and when Leo takes advantage of the siblings' bionic abilities to earn them the money they need, Adam steps up and starts flexing.
      • At the start of Leo vs. Evil, as he's about to arm-wrestle Chase, he brags about his biceps and starts kissing them, much to Chase's annoyance.
      • In My Little Brother, when he shrinks, his clothes don't, leaving him naked (and visibly annoyed over it) inside his shoe.
      • Perhaps the most notable fanservice moment for Adam comes in Rise of the Secret Soldiers, in which he actually gets shirtless and flexes to the camera crew during the taping of their reality show.
    12. He can be an egotistical Big Brother Bully at times, but he really does care about his siblings, and is ready to make up for his mistakes when he's realizes he's crossed a line.
    13. Adam actually cares for Chase, and jumps into action if he is ever wounded or endangered, as seen in the episode ''Bionic Action Hero'' Adam said he always made fun of Chase and punched him, but never told him he loved him, later he said that he'd destroy Giselle for what she did to Chase. When Chase heard this he told him that he loved him too, to which Adam denied saying, he hit Chase on the chest and ran off.
    14. Despite his poor IQ, Adam has turned out to be a lot better mentor since Season 4. He encourages his students, which makes him a more successful mentor regrettably, at Chase's price.
    15. As Leo's step-brother, he is very kind to him and plays with him a lot. He cares about Leo, much like his biological siblings, and will defend him whenever possible.
    16. In Spike Fright, after his envy gets the best of him and he ends up wrecking Chase's chance at a girlfriend, Adam finally starts accepting responsibility for his obligations and saves their relationship.
    17. His extreme anxiety for his safety following a dislocation was an even greater liability than his normal stupidity.
    18. Despite all of this, Adam genuinely loves about his siblings, and the prospect of them being damaged is a significant Berserk Button for him. In early episodes, he sticks up for Bree and Chase when they are tormented by other kids, and in "Parallel Universe," he is quick to put them behind him after learning that Donald's new technology may seriously damage them. After Krane fires a flame at Bree in "Taken," he beats the heck out of him.

    Bad Qualities

    1. Throughout the series, his bullying tendencies grow to the point where he can hardly complete one scene without criticizing or beating Chase.
    2. He has an unusual bond with his siblings, as he frequently shows casual disregard for his younger brother, Chase, and has no difficulty throwing him into the air or reminding him of how easily he can dominate him.
    3. In subsequent seasons, he got more unpleasant and mean-spirited. Justified that it is only subsequently revealed that he genuinely enjoys testing his sibling's buttons. Adam pushing Chase around was his method of displaying his brotherly love, if Lab Rats: Elite Force is any clue.
    4. He attempted to interfere with Chase and Sabrina's relationship in "Spike Fright" because he was envious that Sabrina was more interested in Chase than in him. In the following episode, he does it again to Bree and Jake Chambers (but this time to Chase, who is dressed as Bree). He had no need to do so this time.
    5. He doesn't have a guest appearance in Lab Ratsː Elite Force.


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